We’re Renovating Office Space

City Wide Facility Solutions is best known for our janitorial and maintenance services but we’ve been busy working on renovation projects for businesses throughout the Cincinnati and Dayton area.  Last year, for one client alone, we worked on renovating 7 island style restrooms.  The projects we’ve taken on have ranged from a small breakroom renovation to assisting in a 24,000 square foot construction job.

At City Wide, we can assist with expansion, division, or renovation of your facility. Renovating a building takes more than just a big hammer.  Marcy Reynolds, our Director of Managed Building Services, has the vision and attention to detail that moves a project from concept to completion.

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Marcy manages the process throughout, working with the contractors who are experts in their field.  She also works with the Facility Solutions Managers (FSM) to make sure the clients stay informed with the progress of each job.  “It’s important that I work on all of the project details so that the customer can focus on the bigger picture of their business and facility,” Marcy said.  “Between myself, the FSM and our full range of services, we can take care of every facility management need for customers.”

Whether your facility needs a new door or an entire addition, City Wide will make sure every detail is taken into consideration and executed flawlessly.  Talk to your Facility Solutions Manager about your next project and ask to meet Marcy!