Window Blinds Cleaning Services

Blinds are often neglected in the cleaning process, yet they have the potential for becoming one of the dirtiest areas in your facility. When it comes to improving the look and feel of a room, window blinds cleaning services are one of the quickest ways to brighten up your windows without costing a fortune. City Wide Facility Services is ready to manage your window blinds cleaning services for you. With blinds standing as the number one choice in window treatments – keeping them clean is an important facet of facility management.

Benefits of Window Blinds Cleaning Services

Window blinds cleaning services have many benefits for your facility and the people who visit and work within. By regularly attending to your blinds, your facility stands to gain numerous advantages, including:

  • Regular blinds cleaning extends the life of your blinds. Dirty blinds can rapidly deteriorate and malfunction. Simply by consistently cleaning your blinds, you can extend the longevity of your resource, and save on frequent repair and replacement costs. If you are not cleaning your blinds as needed, you are leaving money on the table.
  • Bright blinds create a bright room. A brighter room improves morale and contributes to a better work environment.
  • Because blinds can harbor dust and allergens, blinds cleaning is critical for improving the air quality of your facility. It is especially crucial for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Consider these facts:
    • EPA ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers.
    • Indoor air can be 2-5 times more polluted than outside air.
  • Cleaning your blinds regularly removes dust, pollen, odors, soil, and allergens! Window blinds cleaning services will help improve and maintain a healthy air environment in your facility.

Challenges of Window Blinds Cleaning Services

Although clean blinds are critical for maintaining a facility, many building managers still find theirs are not properly cared for. Window blinds cleaning services can come with its own set of challenges. Traditional dusting is not enough to provide proper cleaning for blinds. In fact, it typically makes air quality even worse because it simply kicks the dust and allergens into the air instead of truly cleaning them. The dust then settles back onto your blinds, leaving them almost as dirty as they began.

Traditional dusting also typically fails to clean blinds as deeply as they need. It can miss crucial parts of your blinds (like the mechanics), leaving them vulnerable to breaking. Many of the small parts and pieces of blinds are passed over, which will leave your facility with poor air quality and cost you more in the long run when they need to be replaced.

Another challenge can be determining the best cleaning method – including solvents, timing, and possible removal for cleaning. City Wide will work hard to find the best methods to fit your needs.

Maybe you have window coverings other than blinds (by the way, we care for ALL types of blinds … horizontal, vertical, old, new). City Wide also is available to manage other types of window coverings – whether that be professional drapery cleaning, curtain cleaning, plantation shutters, roller shades. You name it and City Wide will be there to manage, oversee, and assure your window coverings are properly cleaned. Another aspect we will cover is scheduling replacement blinds, curtains, shades, and options for updating or changing your window treatments.

Professional drapery cleaning and curtain cleaning services specifically call for expertise with cleaning solvents, taking into consideration fabric content, dye fastness, and eco-friendly solutions. City Wide will manage this, rest assured, your window coverings will be handled with care!

Engaging with a professional management company, such as City Wide, that manages blinds cleaning is essential for your facility. Here at City Wide, we focus on bringing you the best cleaning processes to improve the look and feel of your facility, in addition to providing better air quality. We can also save you money by properly maintaining your blinds, so they last longer! We’ll schedule for you a deeper cleaning than a traditional blinds dusting, so you do not have to waste your time or resources with cleaning that does not properly rid your facility of all the “bad guys” like dust, pollen, odors, and allergens.

Don’t hesitate, call City Wide today to see how we can help you! Bottom line – we will find the right cleaning treatment to fit the functionality of your facility!