Whether you realize it or not, passersby and potential customers begin evaluating the professionalism of your business before they even step foot on your property. In addition to looking over your signage and soaking in the overall condition of your building, they also assess the biggest piece of your property: the parking lot. A smooth, clean, clearly marked parking lot speaks volumes about a business and its dedication to offering the best to its clients.

On the other hand, lots littered with trash and those with uneven pavement probably send the wrong message – even if it is unintentional. Keeping up with maintenance and repairs is an ongoing project that many establishments do not have the expendable time or energy to devote. Save yourself the headache, and let City Wide handle your commercial parking lot services.

Why Are Commercial Parking Lot Repair Services So Important?

While it is important to keep up the looks of your parking lot from a purely aesthetic standpoint, there are safety factors that also come into play when considering commercial parking lot services. Cracks, potholes and unlevel areas can become dangerous tripping hazards for visitors. If they are not properly treated, they can escalate to become dangers to the vehicles on your property, too. Lot care becomes even more important in parts of the country that see long periods of inclement weather.

Keeping your spots free of snow, ice and puddled water means less danger for drivers and fewer slipping hazards, which of course you would be liable for if they occur on your property, for visiting customers and clients. Beyond the legal standpoint, anything that sits on your parking lot’s surface can and will be tracked into your building, leading to more wear and tear on your flooring and a dirtier overall appearance. Utilizing City Wide’s commercial parking lot repair services helps you create a better environment inside and out and provides clients with a sense of security.

How Does Parking Lot Damage Occur?

Many commercial parking areas are paved with asphalt, thanks to the material’s durability and reliability, but over time, even the most well-paved surfaces begin to show signs of age thanks to factors like regular use and the weather. Yes, the weather can play a huge factor in the lifespan of your parking lot. The changing of the seasons – especially if they happen rapidly – can put a lot of stress on your asphalt due to expansion and contraction. Taking the proper precautions and performing routine maintenance can potentially double the life of your lot.

In the winter, those quick, dramatic freezes can lead to cracks and fissures. If your area sees prolonged periods of snow, the build-up can lead to unlevel weight distribution and therefore an uneven surface. Whether you remove the snow manually by shovel or have a snowplow do the heavy lifting, the scraping can cause divots in your parking lot or unintentionally remove the painted lines. Using industrial ice melt is essential to the safety of your employees and visitors, but it too can lead to the eventual breakdown of the asphalt surface.

In the spring, April showers bring May flowers, but they also cause cracks to expand. Water seeps into the small cracks formed over the winter as it moves across your parking lot. This can not only become an eyesore to your visitors, but without the proper commercial parking lot services, it can easily escalate into a situation that poses a danger to both customers and their vehicles. After all, most potholes begin as untreated cracks.

In the summer, extreme heat also plays a part in the deterioration of your parking surface. As the temperature rises, several things can happen with your asphalt. First and foremost, oxidation increases with temperature and sun exposure. This can cause causing your surface to become brittle and more prone to cracks. Your lot may also soften, depending on how high the temperatures reach in your region. As the asphalt heats up and essentially melts, the constant pressure of heavy vehicular traffic can lead to a gradual unleveling of the lot.

In the fall, the weather varies greatly and can combine factors from all other seasons.

Even if there are cracks or holes, this does not always mean that your parking lot needs full resurfacing. Unfortunately, without a professional set of eyes, it is difficult to know the best course of action and the most cost-effective solution for your needs. City Wide’s commercial parking lot services can take out the guesswork and ease the burden of both everyday maintenance and bigger repairs.

How Can City Wide Help With Your Commercial Parking Lot Services?

Whether it is finally time to fix those pesky potholes or your lines could use repainting, our commercial parking lot repairs are vast and varied to best meet your business’s needs. We offer different parking lot maintenance plans that are suitable for facilities of all sizes and cater to daily, weekly, annual, or even one-time needs. When utilized regularly, these services can extend the life of your parking lot tremendously. Commercial parking lot services include:

    • Asphalt patching and repair to keep your parking lot free of potholes
    • Rubberized crack sealant that prevents small cracks and fissures from expanding into bigger issues
    • Chip seals to protect the wear on your surface
    • Sealcoating that prevents car leakage (i.e. gasoline and oil), water and the sun’s ultraviolet rays from deteriorating your pavement
    • Striping service to clearly indicate parking spaces and pedestrian pathways
  • Sweeping on a schedule that suits your needs
  • Ongoing maintenance to both the physical appearance and structural integrity of your parking lot
  • Overlay application for a fresh, smooth surface without the time commitment and cost of a full reinstallation
  • Complete replacement, providing an instant facelift for the exterior of your facility and a safe place for vehicles, guests and employees alike

No matter what condition your parking lot is in currently or what your commercial parking lot services may be now or in the future, City Wide has you covered. Contact us today to find commercial parking lot services near you and create a plan that leaves your lot looking fresh and clean for years to come.