What Are Preventative Maintenance Programs?

Over the years, City Wide has solved many problems for clients. Everything from dealing with multiple vendors to making sure their building has proper facility solutions implemented. While having City Wide schedule and manage these solutions has eliminated stress for these owners and property managers, City Wide will always continue to look for new ways to make finding solutions for our clients even easier.

Preventative maintenance programs are the regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in order to keep them running and prevent costly repairs. A successful preventative maintenance program requires planning and scheduling of facility services before a problem occurs. As all facility managers understand, your building has many moving parts and those parts need to be maintained. If one part, such as the HVAC system fails, then the rest cannot work until that system is repaired. What preventative maintenance does is prevent system failures like this that can have a catastrophic effect on your business.

What City Wide does best is implement preventative maintenance programs in your facility so that you don’t have to. We will schedule the right services completed by the right people at exactly the right time. This will ensure that each necessary system in your facility is properly maintained and working to prevent costly failures. City Wide is the diligent FSM that you need to take the pressure off of you and let you focus your attention on other matters.

Why Should I Have A Yearly Schedule For My Facility?

The reason we developed our preventative maintenance programs is so we can make sure that the facility solutions we set up for you hold up year after year. PM programs are meant to help you plan an entire year’s worth of facility solutions, without having to find new contractors or worrying about ideal contractors being booked up. Think of it as a yearly check up for the wellbeing of your facility. You know your facility will need this work done, so schedule ahead to save yourself from stress. Subscribing to a preventative maintenance program will save time and money in the long run by preventing disastrous failures and costly repairs in your facility!

Benefits Of Scheduling Preventative Maintenance Services A Year In Advance

We understand it’s not easy for facility owners or property managers to plan the year’s maintenance requirements for their building. Maybe you don’t have the time to schedule what needs to be done. Planning what needs to be done for the facility regularly is challenging enough, stack finding the right people on top of the job, and having to work around their schedule makes facility solutions more overwhelming than it has to be.

Leave finding the right people, the yearly planning, and the scheduling to City Wide. By letting us handle the planning for what your facility needs, you can save the time you would spend finding the right people for the job and save money by finding the right people for your budget. City Wide is here to manage it all for you. Whether it’s an Annual Parking lot Sweep, Bi-annual Window washing, Quarterly carpet cleaning, or weekly disinfecting services, you will be scheduled for all of it!

When Are Preventative Maintenance Programs Required

The exact requirement for preventative maintenance will depend on the unique needs of your facility. Luckily, City Wide has offices all over the United States and we have experience managing facility services for many different types of businesses in all different climates, environments and settings.

Preventative maintenance programs are required year round and they are determined by the systems and features of your facility. Parking lots require maintenance depending on the season, for instance. And your roof will require preventative maintenance depending on factors like weather, age, etc. City Wide will assess the needs of your building and consider factors such as the guidelines set by manufacturers for proactive maintenance of equipment, and then customize your preventive maintenance program to meet those needs. It is as simple as that!

What Types Of Equipment/Systems Benefit From Preventative Maintenance Programs?

Facilities rely on numerous systems and pieces of equipment to run correctly. These systems can be required for safety, environment, health, and productivity. Here are a few types of equipment and systems that benefit from preventative maintenance programs:

HVAC Systems

One of the major benefits of a preventative maintenance program is it will keep your HVAC system in good working order year round. It will also be able to diagnose issues before they lead to failure and extend the life of your system by making sure that it isn’t working too hard or wearing out too soon.

Fire Protection Systems

Obviously, your fire protection system is necessary for safety and is required by law. Scheduling preventive maintenance and regular inspection is a requirement. City Wide understands this and will schedule the services necessary to keep your building up to code.

Ventilation & Air Filtration Systems

COVID-19 has made ventilation and air filtration in office buildings, schools, warehouses, and other facilities a priority. But if they aren’t properly maintained or working correctly, then your employees, guests, students, or customers aren’t being protected. Air filtration is especially important because many viruses are airborne. Utilizing preventative maintenance programs that are designed to maintain ventilation and air filtration systems will keep your employees healthy, safe, and protected while they are in your facility.    

Other Services To Consider Scheduling In Advance This Year For Your Facility

Preventative maintenance programs are complicated and you need a partner with the knowledge and experience you need to make sure they are scheduled correctly. City Wide has an office near you and we understand the unique requirements of your facility.

Let us help you have the best year for your facility. Contact us today for a no-obligation bid on scheduling these services in advance this year.