City Wide manages commercial lighting services for all building types. The average commercial building contains multiple lighting styles and varieties: security lights, decorative lights, canopy lights, and task lights. Your City Wide Facility Services Manager can help you create a maintenance plan that includes all of your commercial lighting services needs, from scheduling services and supplies for all of the lighting types in your building – both exterior and interior. City Wide can also manage the process of updating and modernizing your commercial lighting products.

Ambiance, Safety, Money-Saving: The Right Lighting for Your Building

You can’t deny the importance of light in today’s world. Your lighting has a significant impact on the look and feel of your building. The wrong lighting or missing bulbs can give potential clients and upper management the wrong first impression and irritate employees within the building. A well-lit building will look great for anyone you need to impress and help improve the productivity and mood of your employees. City Wide commercial lighting services takes all of these factors into account to provide options, maintenance, and ideas for your particular building’s needs.

Not only will bad lighting reflect poorly on the look of your facility, but it can also be a safety and security hazard. Poorly lit rooms and hallways can lead to falls and injuries, which could be a business liability. Buildings that lack the right security lighting are also at risk for break-ins and vandalism.

City Wide can provide advice on new lighting technologies as well. With the emergence of LED technology as a superior alternative to traditional fluorescent, incandescent, and HID lights, City Wide has expanded its lighting services for commercial facilities. Replacing or upgrading your existing fixtures to LED technology can not only improve light quality, but it will improve energy efficiency, lowering electricity costs, and who can’t use some energy/money savings?! Also, new technologies exist utilizing smart controls for lighting and new technology for various charging ports. Technology is awesome and City Wide can manage the details for upgrading and modernizing with our commercial lighting services.

Proper lighting and lighting maintenance can be a good choice for any company looking to save money and improve their facility’s energy efficiency. The proper lighting for your facility can be a significant cost, and energy efficiency is the quick way to help the bottom line. Under the direction of our experts, we can help you find the perfect lighting to lower electricity costs and eliminate the hassle of maintaining all the lights by doing it for you. Reduction of energy consumption, improvement in carbon footprint, proper illumination, improved lighting controls, elimination of outdated lighting systems, decrease in operational and maintenance costs, improved employee and occupant safety, and an aesthetically pleasing environment – all of these are tools City Wide can manage within your commercial lighting services.

Challenges of Maintaining Facility Lighting

Although building owners and facility managers may understand the importance of proper lighting, it can be difficult to find the time to regularly inspect for proper lighting in the entire facility. In addition, it takes valuable time to verify there are the right supplies on hand should a light go out, and researching upgrades and innovation is super time-consuming and can be confusing – City Wide can take the burden of maintaining your lighting for you so you have time to spend on the core aspects of your business.

With all of the options available today, it might be difficult to find the right partner to help you with your commercial lighting needs. City Wide stands apart because our top priority and concern is you, our client. As a product-neutral contractor, we strive to ensure you have the best solution for your facility no matter what. We have the capabilities and expertise needed so you receive the best service and the right solution for all your lighting needs. With commercial lighting services you need creative solutions, industry understanding, reliability, and an unwavering commitment to your building – City Wide is the right match for you!

No matter what type of commercial lighting services you are looking for, City Wide can help you get what you need for a pleasing and productive work environment. Contact us today to find a location near you!