As a commercial property owner, your building’s upkeep and appearance are some of your top priorities. A property that falls into disrepair or consistently houses businesses that fail reflects poorly on you as an owner and can quickly diminish your property value. Prevent these outcomes by utilizing City Wide’s tenant finding and screening services. Our expert consultants have the necessary tools to match the correct businesses with your property, ensuring a long-lasting relationship and success for all parties involved.

Unfortunately, even the best facilities are not typically plug-and-play when it comes to tenant finding and screening services, and the process to acquire the ideal occupants involves tenant improvements. Any changes or renovations you must make to the interior of your industrial or commercial property to accommodate tenants and improve their quality of life fall under this umbrella. Called “leasehold improvements” by commercial realtors and “build-outs” by contractors, these improvements are your way to complement our tenant finding and screening services. Projects can entail everything from alteration to division, expansion or the addition of special equipment. Learn how the marrying of tenant improvements and tenant finding and screening services create the perfect formula for successful business ventures.

Managed Tenant Finding And Screening Services

At City Wide, we understand that renovations take more than labor. Effective project management involves keen attention to detail and continuous real-time knowledge of completion. After our tenant finding and screening services have produced an ideal match for your property’s location and needs, let us switch gears to conceptualize your vision and create a space that works for both you and your new tenant. We have access to the industry’s leading professionals in commercial and office renovation to cover aspects like:
Planning and design – Allow us to schedule interior design professionals to strategize with the space and plan renovations accordingly. Because we only work with well-established companies, you can be sure that they will coordinate and establish workflow accountability before the project begins.

Carefully Orchestrated Delivery

City Wide prides itself on its relationships with industry professionals who prioritize customer satisfaction. As such, all major projects are completed with efficiency and speed without ever sacrificing the quality of the work. We will work with you to create a timeline that does not interfere with your day-to-day operations and that gets the space ready in time for your tenant’s arrival.

Interior Upgrades

From flooring to lighting, painting and everything in between, tenant improvement covers a large scope that upgrades the business’ aesthetic. Flow and usability are other goals to prioritize with these projects. In keeping with this, office partitions or cubicles needed to create offices, workspaces, reception areas and waiting rooms are all elements to consider during the upgrades.


Even with the best match via City Wide’s tenant finding and screening services, your building must have the proper HVAC system in place to keep your client comfortable. Heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems must be current to industry standards and local codes and should continue to be maintained continuously.

Plumbing And Electrical

City Wide manages leading experts in plumbing and electric work. Whether your needs are full installation services, renovations to improve looks or functionality, or simple maintenance to ensure everything is performing at its peak, we have you covered.

Fire Protection And Security Systems

Tenant improvement also means ensuring the safety of those within your building. Protect the business, its employees and its customers by installing the proper fire protection and security systems. Items like sprinklers and fire alarms are essential to these functions. Further, adding things like access badge readers, pin pads and security alarm systems ensure that no one can enter the building without proper authorization.

This list is not comprehensive, and there are frequently other items that need to be improved upon to meet your new tenant’s needs. Such areas of your building that may need refreshing include the break-rooms, office spaces and elevators. It simply depends on the needs of the tenant and the negotiations that take place once City Wide has completed its tenant finding and screening services.

Commercial Lease

Customized tenant improvements typically have a useful economic life of anywhere between five and ten years, depending on the installation. Luckily, this corresponds with the average span of a commercial lease. When negotiating the elements of your tenant improvements, consider that tenant improvements are not the same thing as building improvements. Any alterations, repairs or upgrades that you make to common areas of your facility are considered building improvements, as they can be enjoyed by more than one tenant. This is important to differentiate, as tenant improvements are often part of the talks that can lead to the success or failure of a lease agreement.

Tenant Finding And Screening Services

Commercial property owners have myriad responsibilities to attend to daily. City Wide is here to take one of your biggest concerns, finding appropriate tenants for your space, off your shoulders. No more fielding inquiry phone calls or interrupting your day with tours of the property. We handle the marketing, showings and informational phone calls. Our experts then review any applications and perform the appropriate screening to ensure your building houses only the most upstanding tenants. It is as simple as that. Once the prime candidate has been selected, it is then that tenant improvement negotiations can commence. Having an idea of what you are willing and able to complete before signing the lease is as important for you as it is for any potential tenants.

City Wide strives to ease your burdens as a commercial building owner and get the job done quickly and correctly to ensure the happiness of all parties for years to come. Whether you solely need our services to find the ideal occupant for your space or you could use some assistance with the tenant improvements, our professionals are there to help. Find tenant finding and screening services near you, or contact us via phone or our website to get a quote for your tenant improvement project. We have a repertoire of the industry’s best people on speed dial ready to serve you.