Every impression your business makes with customers matters, but the first impression is the one that sticks. City Wide recognizes this, and that is why your entryway is one of our highest priorities. Commercial matting services are one of the easiest ways to welcome visitors to your building and help them feel confident and assured in your professionalism before any business transpires. How else can commercial entrance mats enhance your facility?

Entrance Mats and Runners Cut Down on Airborne Germs

There is no way to avoid it: Bacteria and grime cling to footwear. As we move throughout life and come into contact with varying surfaces, our shoes pick up invisible germs, as well as visible debris. A study from the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) concluded that as much as 85 percent of the dirt and debris in a building enters via shoes. From an aesthetic point of view, this is unpleasant, but from a health standpoint, it can be downright harmful. These impurities do not just stay on the ground and transfer by shoe tying and people picking up dropped items; rather, with each footstep, the bacteria is wafted up into the air. Commercial matting services aid in trapping these harmful contaminants and grime at the gate, leading to a much safer environment for both your employees and your visitors.

Heavy Duty Industrial Mats Keep Visitors Safe

Rainy shoes, wet umbrellas, tracked-in snow, and spilled food and drinks are everyday elements that increase your employees’ and customers’ risk of injury in your facility. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reported upwards of 230,000 slip and fall incidents in workplaces in 2019 alone. Sure, the vast majority of these incidents are harmless, but slippery conditions can lead to serious injury and broken bones and, unfortunately for your business, lawsuits. City Wide’s commercial matting services allow you to choose from a selection of mat sizes that perfectly suit your entrance and other high traffic areas, such as hallways, breakrooms and doorways, to increase traction and keep everyone on their feet.

Commercial Entrance Mats Keep Your Floors Looking Their Best

Your entryway is one of the most high-traffic areas in your entire facility; after all, everyone who enters passes through it. As you can imagine, this can lead to a lot of natural wear and tear to the flooring in this area. Tracked in dirt can lead to discoloration and matting, and even clean shoes often cause scuffing. Think of the impact these factors have on your bottom line. Proper maintenance comes at a cost, and when wear becomes extreme, flooring replacement costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the level of the damage. Adding commercial matting services to your regularly scheduled janitorial service from City Wide Facility Services slows down the clock and leaves your floors looking just like they did when they were installed.

Commercial Matting Services Put Your Business Front and Center

Brand reinforcement is the name of the game when you hope to make your color and logo instantly recognizable in the community. In addition to having your selections displayed prominently on your signage, business cards and letterhead, there is another way to get your name out there. You guessed it, your mats and runners. At City Wide, our commercial matting services extend to a wide variety of industrial mats, including those that can be customized with your company’s logo. Choose from a variety of materials, colorations and sizes to get your message out there without clashing with your décor. Mats and runner options are available to suit any budget, and your selections can even be mixed to best suit your facility’s needs. Perhaps you would like a custom mat at all points of entry, but would like plain mats throughout the building – we can do that. Maybe you a mixture of standard-sized rugs and larger heavy-duty industrial mats, we can do that, too. Our experts will work with your owner or facility manager to create a plan and look for your establishment.

You can create a great first impression for your clients and maintain the look of your facility with the help of our knowledgeable team and our commercial matting services. Not only do we offer flexibility based on your needs and budget, but our commercial matting services prioritize maintenance. You may opt to purchase your rugs outright and keep them for their lifespan or you can sign up for scheduled commercial matting services that replace your rugs and runners periodically. Either way, it is important for your mat performance that they are vacuumed daily and watched for signs of wear and tear. Find a commercial matting service near you, and contact City Wide Facility Solutions today for a consultation to explore your options and design a matting program that suits your building size, the soil level your floors see and your budget.