Benefits of Outsourcing Facility Management Tasks

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on August 1, 2022

The management of facilities is a complex and time-consuming process that can be significantly improved by outsourcing certain tasks to a professional facility management company. If you are responsible for overseeing many services like maintenance and upkeep which are integral to your operation, you may find outsourcing these tasks to a skilled professional can help ease this burden and can make operations more efficient and cost-effective. City Wide Facility Solutions makes this easy by working with its clients to manage the services they need. If you’re struggling with the task of facility management on your own, or you’re looking for an easier way to get the job done, read on for some inspiration!

Optimize costs and services

Outsourcing facility management tasks can be a great way to free up your time and resources for more important aspects of your business. By contracting with an organization that has experience in the industry you’re working in, you can be sure the task will be done efficiently and to your satisfaction. Additionally, outsourcing tasks such as cleaning, maintenance, and security can save you time and money.

When organizations attempt to handle facility management themselves, they are tasked with vetting vendors, hiring the right contractor, scheduling services, and managing projects internally. When they outsource facility management to City Wide, they get a dedicated Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) to professionally manage as few or as many services as their facility requires. These include annual maintenance programs and seasonal services like landscaping and snow removal.

City Wide helps you optimize costs and services by properly scheduling vetted specialists and then overseeing your project to completion. With more than 80 locations across the U.S. and Canada, it’s likely we have a location near you. That allows us to be on-site to learn your facility and understand the unique needs of your environment so we can schedule and manage the right services for you at the right time and to meet your needs and budget.  

Have a dedicated FSM working for you

When you outsource facility management to City Wide, you are expanding your management team without having to hire additional employees. We sit on the same side of the table as you, and will only do what is in your facility’s best interest.

Most facility owners and managers do not have the time to conduct the type of oversight necessary to make sure facility management tasks are being done correctly. Your dedicated FSM will schedule the best service providers in your area and perform quality control for every service they manage. They will be on-call when you need them and on-site to oversee the work being done. They will also administer product audits to ensure your expectations are being met.

Single point of contact for over 20 services

The City Wide model gives you access to a vetted network of specialists in your area with a proven track record. Your FSM will be your single point of contact for each of these vendors. Instead of juggling contact information for individual contractors or scrambling to find the right number when an emergency happens, you’ll know exactly who to call for any of the 20+ services we can manage for you. Services like:

Your facility will also benefit from having a single point of contact for seasonal services. Depending on your geographic location, your FSM will understand the best time to schedule services like snow removal so your facility can reopen as soon as possible after a winter storm.

Facility management tasks done right

Businesses of all sizes stand to benefit from outsourcing facility management tasks because it eases the burden of facility owners and managers. By outsourcing these tasks to a trusted professional facility management company like City Wide, you can be sure your facilities will run smoothly and efficiently. In addition to the financial benefits, outsourcing facility management can also help you improve your team management skills and build better working relationships with your staff.

In short, by outsourcing your facility management to a dedicated professional, you get more time to focus on other issues. You will also have peace of mind knowing that necessary services are being scheduled to preserve your facility’s efficiency.

City Wide can assist you with commercial cleaning, janitorial services, parking lot services, handyman services, and over 20 additional facility services. Contact us today and benefit from outsourced facility management solutions.