Summer is the Season to Book Snow Removal Services

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 16, 2022

Summer is the season for company bar-b-ques, family picnics, and… snow removal services? Yes, summertime is the best time to book snow services for your business! It might seem counter-intuitive, but you shouldn’t wait until a winter storm is bearing down to schedule snow and ice removal. Doing so is the same as waiting for a hurricane warning to begin preparing for the storm… By then, it is too late. 

Every commercial property and environment is different. City Wide Facility Solutions specializes in scheduling snow and ice removal services for all types of buildings in all types of environments. The first step in making sure your business is ready for winter is preparation, which is why summer is the best season to book snow services. 

Get on the list for snow and ice removal

The way to guarantee your business is on the snow remediation and ice removal list is to schedule early. If you wait until inclement weather is in the forecast, you will be vying for service against all the other businesses in your area that didn’t plan ahead – which could leave you without service, or cause you to pay a premium for service. 

The City Wide way is to partner with the best commercial snow services providers in your area in the summer months so your business is prioritized when you need their services the most. Everyone else will be scrambling, but you will have peace of mind because your business is already on the list, and you will be up and running again before anyone else after a winter storm. 

Better visibility for assessing commercial snow removal needs

Part of being prepared for winter storms is understanding the commercial snow removal needs of your property. One advantage summer has over winter is the ground is visible. Prior to the ground being covered with snow or ice, the traffic patterns, parking needs, walkways, and building entrances of your property can be evaluated. This will give you an advantage when the time comes to perform services because the crews will know exactly what your property needs to get up and running again. 

You don’t want a snow removal crew to have to wade through the chaos of a winter storm to figure out your unique needs. It is best to have this assessment done in the winter months when there are no visibility or accessibility issues.  

Plan ahead for snow removal and ice management 

Commercial snow removal services are available for lower cost in the summer because there is less demand. These vendors are more willing to give you priority and the best deal during the summer months. Recent supply chain issues and staffing shortages have intensified the importance of planning ahead for the needs of your business. Salt shortages have caused major problems in many states during the winter in years past. 

It is best to prepare for winter by securing necessary supplies, equipment, and snow-related services now so your business is ready when the time comes. Because City Wide has established relationships with the crews performing these services, one call to your Facility Solutions Manager is all it takes for us to schedule the snow and ice services your facility may need.

Don’t wait for winter to schedule your snow removal and ice management services. Partner with City Wide today for commercial snow removal services, parking lot services, landscaping services, as well as more than 20 additional facility services we manage. 

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