A new coat of paint is like a breath of fresh air – a chance for a clean slate and new beginnings. Think of what this could do for your business. As potential customers pass your property they immediately begin to form an impression of your potential. A well-maintained facility conveys a sense of professionalism and security.

An establishment with peeling paint or visible deterioration does not instill quite the same level of confidence in your company’s ability to take care of its clients. The thing is, commercial exterior repairs and upgrades are a big undertaking and a task that demands focus and a touch of creativity. Commercial exterior repairs and upgrades are more than simply a cosmetic approach and should never be a DIY project. City Wide is here to take the burden off of your shoulders and create a plan that is sure to leave your establishment looking its best. Here is how we can help.

Creating A Barrier Against Nature

The purpose of an exterior paint job is not just for aesthetic enhancement; the correct coating applied to an external surface provides an impervious barrier to weathering and natural degradation. Think about it, throughout the year, your building is exposed to the elements – and sometimes extreme ones at that. Heavy rains, hail, snow, ice, wind and ultraviolet rays from the sun can do a number on your facade.

Failing to safeguard your surfaces or using the wrong materials to do so not only affects the overall look but can also reduce the durability of your exterior. In the long run, this means more frequent maintenance and increased expenditures. Make the most of your investment by selecting the right company for your commercial exterior repairs and upgrades the first time. At City Wide, our professional project managers oversee teams of top painters to ensure your establishment is protected for years to come.

Reducing The Complexity of Scale For Your Commercial Exterior Repairs and Upgrades

Commercial exterior repairs and upgrades are often daunting because of their sheer scale. Painting an entire building is no easy task, as projects of this size require a lot of time and effort. Additionally, special tools and equipment are needed to paint evenly in hard-to-reach areas and upon porous surfaces. Spending the money to purchase all of these necessities – on top of the paint expenditures – greatly increases the project cost. Additionally, taking time away from daily operations to complete the work properly can make your business suffer. City Wide Facility Solutions has the manpower and tools to get the job done quickly and proficiently. We work with you to decide what commercial exterior repairs and upgrades need to be made and what overall look you hope to achieve. From here, our professionals tackle all the heavy lifting using their expertise to give you a superb final result in just days.

Putting Safety Concerns In Our Hands

Painting the exterior of a building is more challenging than painting walls on the interior for many reasons, but one of the most important is that the two surfaces have very different needs. To apply the paint correctly and to complete your commercial exterior repairs and upgrades properly, there are certain precautions and regulations in place that protect the safety of you, your employees and the surrounding community. Preparation is critical to the life of your paint job and can include grinding, sanding or blasting operations that use powerful tools with compressed air. Once any loose paint has been removed, any holes have been patched and any surface damage has been repaired, the painting process can begin.

Exterior painting involves the handling and application of paint mixed with flammable and toxic materials. These can pose a danger through inhalation and if they should get on your skin. For both the prep and the paint work, workers are often on-task at extreme heights and must be aware of numerous hazards at all times. City Wide utilizes experienced professional painters and laborers who are fully aware of the occupational health and safety procedures required for jobs big and small.

We take pride in managing high-quality talent to ensure that each job is done safely, quickly and, most importantly, correctly. During the planning phase of your project, our workers identify the scale of the project and the resources necessary to complete the task effectively. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch as your customized team makes the magic happen.

Scheduling Commercial Exterior Repairs and Upgrades at Optimal Times

Painting and repairs to your building’s facade must be planned as to not interfere with your day-to-day transactions and to ensure that you have enough workers available to complete the job. There is a much larger element to plan around, though: the weather. Because scheduling is crucial to producing quality results, it is vital to identify peak operation periods and prepare accordingly. If your building is located in an area prone to inclement weather throughout the year, this preparation is especially important. Painting when the temperature is too low or too high can cause problems with the application. Extreme heat can cause the paint to cure nearly on contact, whereas painting when it is too cold can prevent the paint from solidifying to form a protective barrier.  Too much moisture in the air from heavy rains and storms can prolong the drying process. Of course, painting amid snow or a rainstorm is totally pointless. City Wide has the expertise to help you manage your commercial exterior repairs and upgrades by identifying prime time-frames for your project. Further, we schedule the commercial exterior repairs and upgrades around your business workflow when there are minimal occupants in the building. There allows for little-to-no disruption to those visiting your establishment.

The look of your business conveys a message to each person that passes, so make it a positive one with a fresh coat of paint. Find commercial exterior repairs and upgrades near you, and call to make your appointment today. You can trust that we utilize only the most highly trained professionals and the latest tools to get the job done quickly and precisely every time.