Electrostatic Spraying

you can help ensure a safer place for everyone
Photo Courtesy of ByoPlanet.

Keeping your employees and staff healthy can be a daunting undertaking when the weather changes. That time of year lends itself to the spreading of contagious bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic organisms. Cleaning is only one small aspect of making your workplace a safe and contagion free environment for those who spend their days inside your facility. By focusing on disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces within your building, you can help ensure a safer place for everyone.

Disinfectant and sanitizing solutions are only as good as the method of application, though. As discussed in a previous blog post, sometimes these solutions need time to sit, or “dwell,” on a surface. Other times, they need to be applied in a greater quantity to reach proper coverage levels. A new technology can offer that kind of coverage and dwell time in an easy to use application method.

Electrostatic Spraying is not just a new technology for chemical delivery. It is a time saver and efficiency creator. By negatively charging the sanitizing or disinfecting solution, the sprayer drives the chemical to a neutral surface. This neutral surface attracts the negatively charged solution droplets in a way that ensures extremely effective and uniform coverage. This no-touch application method also leaves no lingering aerosols, therefore reducing localized air pollution tremendously.

Compared to traditional technologies, such as a trigger sprayer, these electrostatic sprayers use less solution and cover more space in less time. Because of this efficiency these applicators are being used in a wide variety of circumstances. Schools, daycares, offices, and the hospitality industry can really take advantage of this technology, and the fact that they are safe for use on sensitive equipment also makes it ideal for medical buildings, athletic facilities, kid-friendly facilities, and food service spaces.

City Wide offers electrostatic spraying technology as a service year round, but it is especially pertinent during the cold and flu season. When the weather begins to change it is essential that buildings not only get cleaned but also get disinfected and sanitized in order to reduce the levels of illness causing bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens. By investing in this service, you can diminish the chance of infection in your building, and maintain a healthy workplace for your employees. Contact City Wide to discuss your workplace wellness plan and schedule an electrostatic spraying treatment for your facility.