What Facility Owners Are Finding Out After Reopening

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on July 6, 2020

There’s a famous quote by American philosopher, Vernon Howard, that goes, “Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn, and you will.” Perhaps that’s been tough for you to do during the pandemic – the willingness to learn during this hard time. We understand – it’s challenged us at times, too.

As many businesses began to reopen in May we had a front row seat to the experience as we helped our clients work through the changes, allowing us to learn together. And now that more and more businesses are reopening, we decided to sit down with the Chief Operating Officer of City Wide Maintenance of Kansas City, Rob Ellis, to hear what clients have learned after reopening during the ongoing pandemic.

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The Needs of Your Building May Be Changing

Cleaning and disinfectant protocols aren’t the only changes clients have had to adjust as they reopen their doors. Many are asking questions or making requests for things that were never an issue before the pandemic.

“The list of unique items that we’ve been asked about is probably as long as our client list,” Rob said. “We have clients asking for PPE [personal protective equipment], some who need documentation, many asking for additional touch-free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, infrared thermometers, plexiglass sneeze guards, floor and wall signage – you name it. Even some are asking to reduce costs going forward because the pandemic left them in a very difficult position financially.”

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If you’d like to hear more tips from Rob, tune in to this conversation he had with Kim Kliethermes, Marketing Manager at City Wide.

In this podcast, you will hear:

  • When did we see businesses begin to reopen their doors?
  • How many clients suspended cleaning and disinfectant services when closing their doors?
  • How we saw facility owners reacting to the pandemic and its protocols
  • What City Wide is doing to help clients get back on their feet after reopening
  • Was there anything unusual our clients experienced after reopening?
  • What is the most unique request from a client that City Wide was able to accommodate?
  • For facilities that haven’t reopened yet, what advice would we give them?

Resources Rob Ellis Mentions in the Podcast