Need a Handyman in the Middle of the Pandemic? How to Keep Your Building Safe

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 18, 2020

As a building owner or property manager, the last thing you want to hear is something in your facility is broken and will need a handyman to fix it. Between following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules, it might feel intimidating to invite anyone into your building who doesn’t belong there during COVID-19 – out of concern they may expose your facility.

But there may come a time when you have no choice – a broken bathroom faucet or kitchen sink in the breakroom, electrical problems, broken parking garage doors, a toilet that is malfunctioning, to name a few.

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A Google search may only feel like you’re wandering in the dark and leave you uneasy about simply selecting someone like you used to before the pandemic. Is there an easier, less stressful way?

How City Wide Protects Our Clients

Every team that enters our clients’ facilities are asked to follow CDC’s recommendations on personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand hygiene. Those recommendations are as follows:

  • Wash hands thoroughly upon entry/departure of all buildings, as well as after services are performed.
  • Follow respective PPE guidance from OSHA (gloves, masks, goggles as necessary).
  • Adhere to chemical supplier instructions carefully (i.e. allowing the full dwell time on the Electrostatic Sprayer, not wiping surfaces after the service has been performed so that it will properly disinfect).

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In an effort to further help our clients feel more confident about having City Wide schedule services in their buildings at this time, we are providing clients with a so they not only trust we are following CDC and OSHA protocols, but they are prepared to handle many different scenarios in the event they occur.

There is nothing more important to us than the health and safety of our clients and the experts who service their buildings. We continue to closely monitor the situation and have taken steps to do our part in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

If you have questions about handyman services, the preventative measures being taken on behalf of our clients, or would like to receive the Pandemic Preparedness Plan, please contact a City Wide office near you in the United States or Canada to learn more. We are here to help you.