Common Terms in the Facility Management Workspace to Know

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on August 19, 2022

For over 60 years, City Wide Facility Solutions has managed building maintenance services and solved problems for clients. Facility management is a huge undertaking requiring extensive knowledge and skills. Part of this knowledge is understanding the common terms and jargon used in the communication of the facility management workspace. 

Here is a list of common terms in the facility management workspace you should understand. 

Facility solutions manager 

A facility solutions manager (FSM) understands the ins and outs of your business so they can plan and manage services to best meet your needs. Your dedicated City Wide FSM will be your one point of contact for the over 20 facility solutions they can manage for you. 

Your FSM will build a strong relationship with you by regularly visiting your facility to: 

●     Learn your business
●     Inspect your facility
●     Find potential issues
●     Ensure your satisfaction 

The goal of your FSM is to schedule and manage the services your facility needs to run smoothly, stay clean, and remain a safe environment for your employees and guests. They will also serve as your one point of contact anytime you have an issue with your facility services, including: 

●     Janitorial
●     Carpet cleaning
●     Detail cleaning
●     Lighting
●     Landscaping
●     Parking lot maintenance
●     Window washing
●     Pressure washing

Scope of work

A scope of work (SOW) defines the frequency and services to be provided. The scope ensures the client has the proper expectations of what work will be done and when, while also clarifying to the crew what needs to be done and when. Ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start with a streamlined scope keeps City Wide, the crew, and the client in alignment, which helps set up everyone for success at the end of a project. 

One of the largest benefits of partnering with City Wide for your building maintenance needs is we have an expansive network of vendors in every city and state we serve. These vendors are professionally vetted by us and required to recertify annually. We do this to protect our clients and make sure you are receiving the quality of service outlined by your SOW each time we schedule a vendor to work in your facility.

Annual maintenance program 

An annual maintenance program (AMP), or preventative maintenance program, is the regular and routine maintenance of equipment and assets in order to keep them running and prevent costly repairs. 

A successful AMP anticipates facility solution needs before they become apparent. At City Wide, your FSM will diligently work to schedule and manage services your facility needs before you need them. We will schedule the right services completed by the right people at exactly the right time. 

Having an AMP planned and scheduled by a professional will benefit your facility by saving you time and money. City Wide will anticipate your needs and schedule services at the best time. For instance, the best time to schedule snow removal services is in the summer, because doing so will get you on the list long before a winter storm is even forecast. 

Another benefit of having City Wide develop a comprehensive AMP for you is preventative maintenance. Your facility relies on numerous systems to run smoothly. Your AMP will ensure these systems are getting the regular servicing they require. This prevents system failures which can cost you money and loss of productivity. 

City Wide is more than just a facility solutions provider. We are a partner who will streamline your building maintenance. Your City Wide FSM comes with no additional fees attached while they manage your janitorial services, commercial cleaning services, as well as more than 20 additional facility services. Contact us today.