The 4 Most Common Hard Floor Types and How to Clean Them

Hard Floors are often an overlooked part of a facility’s appearance if they are well taken care of. When they are not maintained correctly though, they can really give your building an unprofessional look and feel. Different kinds of flooring need different forms of attention, and without the proper knowledge a hard floor can be mistreated and damaged during a maintenance service such as a refinish project.

Below are the four most common commercial hard floor types with recommendations.

There are quite a few different types of vinyl flooring that each require their own finishes, sealers, and cleaners. The most popular commercial hard flooring today is Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) because of its durability and cost efficiency. VCT holds all types and brands of floor finish because of its porous qualities, which also makes it a very versatile flooring type.

Hardwood flooring is more often found in older buildings and nicer office spaces. This flooring type may need to be refinished in a more aggressive manner than some of the others on this list if it has taken abuse over time. Depending on the hardwood you have, you may actually want to sand down the surface, refinish, and seal it with polyurethane.

Concrete has been used in warehouses and commercial facilities as a flooring option for a long time, but recently even retail locations have opted for finished concrete as their flooring of choice. This is often extremely cost effective as the commercial building slab is often already concrete. It is also very durable, but can be tricky to finish with acrylic-based coatings. Generally pressure washing, color treating, and even waxing can be achieved successfully with this floor type.

There are several varieties of tile, and the type of stone and how it is finished (if at all) can greatly affect the way you maintain the flooring. Whether the tile is glazed or unglazed ceramic, Saltillo, or even natural stone like marble or granite, be sure to consult a professional on the best neutral detergents, finishes, and sealers for maintenance of their appearance.

Consulting with City Wide to determine the best course of action for your facility’s specific hard floor care needs will ensure that you get things done correctly. Our experienced professionals can save you time and solve some of your problems by managing your building’s maintenance services. Contact us today to discover more about how we can manage your hard floor care.