Commercial Cleaning

City Wide has the experience and expertise to take the hassle out of keeping your building cleaned and maintained. Our 55+ years of experience in commercial cleaning means we can offer the unique care your building requires.

We understand not all commercial properties are the same; a medical office has different needs than a car dealership or a school. City Wide has the crews, products, services, and systems to provide a consistent level of pristine clean, no matter the facility type. Whatever the challenges of your facility, we are equipped with the solution to take the stress of cleaning off your plate.

Which Industries Do We Help?

City Wide is uniquely qualified to handle a wide variety of industries. Our professionals bring the level of clean, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness your business requires. We have proven experience working with:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Commercial Offices
  • Daycare Centers
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Logistics Centers
  • Schools
  • And more

Whether you need a sanitary environment for patients, sparkling floors to showcase your vehicles, or a safe setting for children to play, we understand the different needs you face. We are constantly evolving to accommodate additional facility types, so even if your business doesn’t fall into one of the categories above, please reach out to see if we can help.

We create a unique plan for your specific facility to make sure all of your needs and concerns are addressed. We take into account:

  • Building size
  • Building type
  • Required services
  • Special requests
  • Security needs
  • Scheduling considerations

We can also accommodate any additional services you may need or areas that require extra attention.

Whatever maintenance your commercial property requires, City Wide has the expertise to manage.

Challenges of Commercial Cleaning

Although the specific needs in commercial cleaning are unique, many of the problems are similar: you do not have the time or expertise to bid, oversee, and manage all of the people necessary. You work hard to create a successful business and do not need the stress of chasing down crews and finding different vendors to handle different services.

We all want more time in our day. You can find more time to focus on the important parts of your job by leaving the management of cleaning and maintenance to City Wide. It takes time to assess your needs, find the right crew, and make sure the job is done properly. City Wide can take that burden off your shoulders to make sure everything is up to the highest standard at the right price.

Rather than spending your time balancing the facility needs, let us handle the challenges of management. Not only will you find more time to get important work done, but you can rest assured that it is done correctly and to your standards.

A healthy work environment requires exceptional cleaning and maintenance. Many facilities struggle to find cleaning teams that work to the standard commercial buildings require. Rest assured City Wide offers a high level of cleanliness to make sure your facility offers not only a clean environment, but a safe one as well.

You have better things to do with your time; contact City Wide to see how we can take the burden of building cleaning and maintenance off your hands!