Why Are Parking Lots Different in Size and Design?

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Have you ever wondered why parking lots are larger than buildings themselves? Who makes the decision to build large parking areas for places like malls, colleges, or even one store? It turns out, there are all kinds of things each type of facility must think about during the property development process.

For example, colleges might require larger parking lots due to students staying for longer periods of times. Whereas restaurants may not need as big of parking lots because the turnover is much faster than a college.

Another factor building owners may face is how thick the pavement needs to be for their facility. If you think about heavy vehicles—such as delivery trucks or other larger vehicles—frequently going through business parking lots, it would make sense for an owner to consider a heavier asphalt to be installed. Whereas an office building where only cars are driving may not need the heavy duty pour.

And what about those parking stalls that are angled versus 90-degrees? The decision to do so goes beyond aesthetic purposes. Building owners may decide to go for the angled stalls because of the high traffic they expect in their area. These angled stalls are much easier for clients to come and go at a faster pace, rather than the 90-degree stalls you might often see at an office building, which are harder and slower to get in and out of.

But there are so many other requirements parking lots must follow in order to be approved by the state. Check the video below. Plus, find out how you’re still paying for parking even when it seems free!

If you’re a building owner or property manager, are you noticing your parking lot taking a toll lately? Potholes? Faded striping? Growing oil spots? It may be difficult to know what parking lot services your building needs. That’s why City Wide has the connections to help you figure out the best and most cost-effective options for your parking lot.

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