5 Things You Would Never Guess About Parking Lots

I remember a few months ago, my family and I were going out to eat downtown. There wasn’t a lot of parking in the area near the restaurant, so we chose to park in a retail area a couple of blocks away—because it was free. We got out of the car, and that’s when I saw “the sign.”

I’ve always wondered the “real reason” why businesses choose to plant a sign on their property that reads, “Parking reserved for customers only.”

But if you’re a business owner, you can probably answer that question right away. Not only does it provide your customers a prime parking spot close to the front door, but people who take advantage of your parking lot may be costing you much more than just customer complaints. Let’s be honest, your parking lot takes a pounding—especially if it’s looking run-down due to extra traffic not spending money at your business. And replacing the lot isn’t cheap.

Here are five fascinating facts that will show just how important it is to make sure you’re taking care of your business’ parking lot:

  1. Between 40 to 60% of people leave their cars parked in a free lot much longer than any other parking areas. (USA Today)
  2. Each car wastes approximately 17 hours a year driving around lots, looking for a place to park. (Streetsblog)
  3. Surprisingly, most cars spend a significant majority of its life—95%, that is—parked somewhere. (Do Your Park)
  4. When customers toss trash out of their car before leaving your lot, it won’t always blow away. In fact, an accrual of trash and pollution—even the smallest of things—can lead to cracks in the foundation over time. (Realty Times)
  5. At large retail shopping centers or buildings, traffic is often condensed and heavy during a certain periods of the day. That means cars have a tendency to drive slower while looking for parking spots, which causes cars to release more toxic exhaust on the ground than going at a normal speed on the road. (Environmental Pollution Centers)

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