Because of City Wide’s unique business model, we are able to provide you with a much higher level of results while reducing the amount of stress and time associated with managing facility solution providers.

You will be assigned an account manager, known as your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM), a City Wide employee, who proactively inspects the building and checks in with you regularly on a predetermined schedule that works for you. The FSM works closely with the Night Manager, also a City Wide employee, who monitors the crews at night to ensure the building is serviced to the levels we have committed to each and every time.

  • City Wide will become your eyes and ears in your facility
  • City Wide will ensure that the promises set forth in the service agreement are delivered
  • City Wide will communicate your needs to the crew performing the work
  • City Wide will meet with you regularly
  • City Wide has a 24-hour resolution policy

Due to our unique business model, we are able to provide all of this at the same price or lower than others in the industry. Your one point of contact strives to understand your building as fully as possible. They know you have more important things to do and will take care of the details for you. Remember, we sit on the same side of the table, hire the contractor, and manage them so you don’t have to. We are acting as an extension of your management team, not as another contractor.

In short, City Wide’s goal is to provide you with the help you’ve always needed but thought you couldn’t afford. Your City Wide Facility Solutions Manager comes with no additional fees attached. Let us take the headache out of finding and managing someone to do the dirty work, and make you look good!