Preparing for All-Star Success

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on April 24, 2024

The All-Star game stands as a pinnacle of professional basketball, drawing fans from around the globe to witness the sport’s finest talents play on one court. Recognized as the #1 venue in professional basketball, Gainbridge Fieldhouse hosted the 2024 All-Star weekend. Amidst the excitement and anticipation surrounding the event, City Wide Facility Solutions, an official partner of a professional basketball team in Indianapolis, took center stage. Jennifer Levengood, Marketing Manager for City Wide Facility Solutions in Indianapolis, provided valuable insights into the collaborative efforts and innovative strategies employed by City Wide in preparation for the exciting weekend.

Event Challenges

“Our team encountered minimal obstacles,” remarked Levengood. “Given the tight timeframe to accomplish tasks, our main focus was on maintaining effective communication and ensuring resources were readily available.” Preparing for the All-Star game posed diverse challenges, from meeting extensive cleaning requirements to coordinating logistics with Gainbridge Fieldhouse and the professional basketball team’s staff. Throughout the event, City Wide provided a wide range of services, including janitorial work, deep cleaning sessions, and coordination of logistics for various aspects of the event.


To address challenges posed by the event, City Wide implemented a range of solutions rooted in communication and collaboration. “In preparation for the All-Star events, we proactively reached out to our contacts to set up meetings,” explained Levengood. “We scheduled discussions 30, 60, and 90 days prior to the events to explore opportunities and plan strategies.” These meetings allowed City Wide to gain insights, align strategies, and coordinate efforts with the staff at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. By prioritizing effective communication and proactive planning, City Wide successfully met the demands of the All-Star events while maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and functionality at Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Key Takeaways

The experience of preparing the arena for the All-Star game provided valuable insights and lessons for City Wide. Levengood emphasized the importance of effective communication: “Communication is absolutely crucial. Keeping everyone – from our team members to independent contractors to the client – on the same page and ensuring everyone has the same expectations is vital for success.” This proactive approach to communication facilitated smooth operations throughout the process. Levengood also mentioned the importance of adaptability and teamwork, “Having a proactive mindset is essential. Being prepared in advance not only helps us to anticipate and address any issues that arise, but also ensures that we can deliver our services effectively and efficiently.” City Wide was able to achieve success in this event with their ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. “Our partnership with Gainbridge Fieldhouse and the basketball team exemplifies the power of collaboration. By aligning our efforts and working together towards a common goal, we were able to achieve outstanding results,” stated Levengood. For other locations facing similar challenges, these takeaways highlight the importance of communication, adaptability, and teamwork in event and facility management.

City Wide Facility Solutions played a vital role in ensuring the success of the All-Star events at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. From maintaining pristine cleanliness to showcasing their dedication through prominent signage, City Wide’s commitment to excellence was evident throughout. The positive feedback received from event attendees, including VIPs, further underscored the impact of City Wide’s hard work. As Levengood stated, “There were many VIP events happening around the arena, which gave us a chance to really showcase how thorough we are with maintaining cleanliness. Our signs were everywhere, making sure everyone knew City Wide was on the job, making the venue spotless for all the guests.” Levengood highlighted a memorable encounter with an individual who was unfamiliar with their work, who was “blown away by how much better everything looked” after their deep clean. City Wide extends a heartfelt appreciation to its team members, including FSM Dylan Walsh, ACM Wendy Serrano, Steve Edwards, Justin Spears, and the IC crews, whose dedication and hard work ensured the smooth operation of events. Their commitment and attention to detail truly made a difference in delivering exceptional service to the All-Star events.

Why City Wide?

City Wide Facility Solutions is renowned for its commitment to streamlining facility management. Since 1961, they’ve earned a solid reputation for their expertise and comprehensive offerings, including maintenance, landscaping, and security solutions. With a single point of contact, City Wide simplifies communication. They’re a trusted partner, managing facilities, saving clients time and resources, and positively impacting communities.

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