Equipment: Window and Glass Cleaning

While cleaning the mirrors in your home may seem akin to what the window washers outside your office perform, commercial glass and window cleaning takes a bit more knowledge, skill, and experience to be performed efficiently. This service also utilizes specific tools and supplies that make the process more effective and easier to perform.

Soaps and Chemicals
First things first: the solution that commercial window cleaners use is not the same blue liquid used as a household glass cleaner. On the contrary, commercial window cleaning leans toward soaps that have a slight foam and are made specifically for glass. These are applied to the surface and can be used for scrubbing particularly dirty areas before being squeegeed off.
Lately however, window cleaners have been turning to products such as “pure water” cleaning systems that use purified, deionized water in place of a soap. The mineral free water has been shown to clean just as well, if not better than traditional solutions.

Applicators and Squeegees
A squeegee is normally a familiar sight, and while they do come in different sizes, types, and purposes, they are generally comprised of a flexible rubber or plastic blade attached to a handle. But before they can squeegee your windows clean, the solution must be applied. A window cleaning application tool with a soft or abrasive sleeve made of microfiber, lamb’s wool, or a synthetic fiber is used to apply solutions and/or soap that aid in removing dirt and buildup on the glass.

Extension Poles
Extension poles can be a necessity when it comes to cleaning exterior windows on buildings taller than a single story. These poles are often made of lightweight materials and extend using a locking system of various kinds. Squeegees, T-Bars and scrubbers can be attached to the end of these poles, and there are even water-fed poles that eject solution or purified water through the applicator. These poles can sometimes be unwieldy, which is where the skill and experience comes in handy.
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