How Professional Window Washing Can Benefit Your Business

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on February 28, 2022

Window washing is often overlooked by building owners and managers because it can be difficult and expensive without the proper help. Clean windows benefit your business beyond the aesthetic value. Over time grime, dirt, paint, debris, and other damaging elements can shorten the lifespan of your window panes. Dirty windows can reduce the value of your facility and cause customers and tenants to think twice about doing business with you. Additionally, poorly maintained windows can cause a decrease to employees’ productivity.

When you choose City Wide Facility Solutions, we assign a Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) to your account, and they will schedule essential services like professional window washing for you! Your FSM will  identify the best available vendor to do the job and then will make sure they do the job right, within your budget. This is how City Wide benefits your business – by saving you time and solving your facility-related problems.

Professional window washing ensures the best results

Washing windows is more involved than using water and a squeegee. Many building windows are high off the ground and require special safety equipment to clean. Professional window washers understand how to safely clean your facility’s windows with the proper solutions and equipment. 

Different window panes and window styles require different chemicals and procedures to prevent damage to the glass. Only professional window cleaners know how to clean these different window types: 

  • Sliding doors
  • Skylights
  • Windows with awnings
  • Double hung windows
  • Fixed pane windows
  • Stained glass
  • Storefront windows
  • Specialty windows 

Your FSM will be able to source the right window washer with the proper experience to handle your job, while protecting your asset. They will also be able to schedule the service regularly so your various windows stay clean annually and are free from damage. Replacing your windows is an expense building owners want to avoid at all costs. 

Why pay for professional window washing for your building?

There are many benefits to hiring professional window washers for your business that go beyond curb appeal. Although, you do want your building looking its best when potential customers and employees arrive. Here are a few other benefits to professional window washing:

Natural light in the Interior

Many businesses have made employee well-being a major focus over the past few years (and rightly so!). The pandemic taught us all how important it is for employees to be safe and to feel safe while they are at work. Natural light plays an important role in the health, wellness, and morale of your employees. 

Clean windows allow more natural light to enter the interior of your building. Not only will this make the interior more inviting, it will also make it a healthier environment. We get the majority of our vitamin D from sunlight, and natural light has been proven to enhance mood while at work. 

Improve energy efficiency

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heat gains and losses through windows account for 25-30 percent of a building’s HVAC energy consumption. Professional window washing can help improve this unnecessary energy loss. 

Window cleaners will be able to notice cracks or deficiencies in weatherstripping or caulk around your windows. They will also help extend the life of your windows by keeping them clean. Over time, acid rain and other corrosive elements like hard water will seep into the porous glass. This will weaken them and eventually lead to cracking, which will cause heat loss.

Saves time and money

Professional window washing will save your business time and money in the long term. Building owners and managers have enough to worry about, which is one reason windows are often neglected. Instead, let City Wide manage regular professional window washing for your building so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Don’t let dirty windows hurt your business! Contact City Wide to learn about how we can tailor maintenance plans to fulfill all of your building’s needs. We have an office near you!