Advantages of Using EPA-Registered Disinfectants 

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on July 26, 2022

The pressure is on building owners and property managers to figure out how to protect their facility from the spread of illness. The pandemic showed how important it is for companies to properly clean and disinfect their facilities – not only for the safety of its occupants, but also for the peace of mind for all who enter. 

Your business needs commercial cleaning crews that use EPA-registered disinfectants as part of their cleaning program to keep your employees safe. City Wide Facility Solutions has over 60 years of experience managing commercial cleaning services and we only use vendors who follow EPA and CDC recommendations and protocols. Below we discuss the advantages of using EPA-registered disinfectants in the fight against viruses, bacteria, and germs. 

What is an EPA-registered disinfectant? 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is a government agency responsible for protecting the environment and human health. Part of their purpose is to review chemicals in the marketplace for safety and effectiveness. 

When a new product is introduced or a manufacturer wants to make a label claim about killing viruses, bacteria, or fungi, they must first contact the EPA. The EPA is responsible for making sure all claims are accurate regarding public health and product safety. All products which are microbial pesticides (like disinfectants) must be EPA-registered before they can be sold in the U.S. 

How to select the right EPA-registered disinfectant

In “The Six Building Blocks of a Robust Cleaning and Disinfecting Program,” the Cleveland Clinic highlights the importance of selecting the right EPA-registered disinfectant for your facility. The article suggests that every building owner and facility manager should compile a list of the pathogens that are of most concern to them. This list should include MRSA, salmonella, influenza, norovirus, COVID-19, etc. Based on that list, an EPA-registered disinfectant which kills the pathogens of most concern for your facility can be selected. A partner like City Wide can help with that decision.

Many EPA-registered disinfectants are multi-purpose and kill most pathogens of concern for the majority of businesses and facilities. City Wide’s managed disinfecting services use the best chemicals and tools (like electrostatic sprayers) to efficiently cover your facility and protect your employees. Find a City Wide location near you.

EPA-registered products are safe

The effectiveness of an EPA-registered disinfectant is important to your facility, but so is its safety. The purpose of a proactive cleaning program is to prevent illness and protect the well-being of your employees and guests. The EPA ensures the products on their registry are both safe and effective, which is why City Wide only chooses crews who use these products. 

We team up with specialists who are knowledgeable and able to go above and beyond to handle your cleaning and disinfecting needs. This includes making sure your work environment is healthy and safe for all of your employees. 

We use only the highest standard EPA-registered cleaning products

Every EPA-registered disinfectant is safe and effective, but they are not created equal. Some of the products on their list may be more economical but not the best product for your individual facility. 

What sets City Wide apart from other companies is we will get to know your business personally. Your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) will conduct walk-throughs and survey your facility so they can pair you with the best crew to meet your needs. Our crews will only use the best EPA-registered disinfectants for your facility, period. And your FSM will make sure they live up to these standards every time they work in your building. 

If you need help securing cleaning services that use EPA-registered disinfectants, contact City Wide today. We can also help you with day porter services, exterior painting services, and more than 20 additional facility services.