Why Proper Commercial Lighting is Beneficial to Your Facility

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 30, 2021

Lighting is one of the most underrated facets when it comes to complementing the inside and outside of your building. Proper lighting has been used in myriad ways to impact the aesthetics and moods of many locations besides businesses. Niagra Falls, The Vatican, and many other locations may come to mind when you think of locations that have impactful lighting. What is it, exactly, that makes their lighting truly memorable? Is it the use of colors, the moods they portray, the placement, or the intensity of the lights? Perhaps it’s a combination of all those factors. This can apply to the business setting where it is able to both boost curb appeal and attract potential customers AND Improve the overall mood and aesthetic both inside and out.

Indoor Lighting

When employees, customers, or visitors think of your facility’s lighting, you do not want them to think of a droll, dull, grey atmosphere with buzzing overhead lights that discourage productivity and positive moods. That would be a prime example of interior lighting done horribly wrong. To make a strong impression your lighting shouldn’t purely be functional, it should also be impactful! Lighting can make or break the experience potential clients and customers have in your building. If the lighting is dull and depressing, that will negatively contribute to the mood they experience while in your building. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to contribute to a more vibrant and memorable aesthetic in your facility?

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Take a look at your current lighting configuration. How does it make you feel when you look at it among the rest of the building features and décor? Is the plain, high-intensity white lighting reminiscent of a cold, dreary, and uneventful experience? Is it blindingly bright to the point where it feels absolutely artificial? We as humans are naturally attracted to what feels the most natural, and this includes lighting. Maybe less reliance on artificial lighting and inclusion of natural lighting can change the entire mood.

Another thing to consider would be the color you choose for your indoor lighting. It would be out of place for a commercial office to have lighting that is dim and shaded red like an experimental nightclub. But let’s say the theme of your company is growth, nature, and renewable resources. Swapping to a low-intensity LED configuration could be an excellent fit for your establishment. You want your lighting to not only serve a purpose but also reflect your brand and what you represent as a company.

Outdoor Lighting

Can you think of a building you’ve driven by that really stood out to you at night? Not because it is the tallest, or in disrepair, but because the way its lighting has been executed makes it look almost otherworldly. Take these examples of how lighting can make your building stand out from every other building surrounding it. Of course, your building doesn’t have to be taken to an extreme like these examples, but as long as you can do just enough to stand out from typical, drab-colored buildings that are so common, you will get more attention and possibly attract potential customers or employees to your business.

Much like your interior lighting, the lighting you use outside must reflect your company’s identity. While bright neon colors along your windows will definitely make you stand out if your market is technology, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a warehouse. However, lighting that compliments your building and highlights key aspects such as signage will be beneficial.

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