How to Prevent Common Commercial Interior Painting Problems

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on May 23, 2022

An interior painting project will refresh your commercial building and add to its value. But sometimes even the simplest interior painting projects don’t go as expected. Strategic management of your interior painting is key to avoiding common problems and finishing on time. 

Below we will discuss how to prevent common commercial interior painting problems and what City Wide Facility Solutions looks for in reliable painting professionals. 

Common commercial painting problems

There are a few common problems you might run into before, during, and after your interior painting project. 

Fading, peeling, and cracking paint are common problems with interior paint you might experience before a job begins. 

  • Fading: All commercial paint eventually fades, but the lifespan of paint depends on the quality of the paint and surface preparation, and the quality of the paint job itself. 
  • Peeling: Paint typically peels when multiple layers of paint have been placed on top of each other. The best way to avoid this is to properly clean walls before a new interior paint job begins. 
  • Cracking: Cracking paint occurs when layers of paint aren’t applied properly. This is a common problem in DIY paint jobs. If a layer of paint is not allowed to dry completely before another coat is applied, then cracking may happen. 

Safety is paramount during an interior commercial paint job. Professional painters need to take proper safety precautions during a project to ensure the well-being of workers, employees, and guests who may be present in your building during the interior painting.

  • Hazardous materials: Commercial interior painting can involve working around hazardous conditions. Some jobs require sanding or scraping of walls, and paint can emit fumes that some may find irritating before it dries. Proper safety measures are required to protect painters and employees during a job. 
  • Spills: Professional painters use drop cloths, tape, and paper to prevent spills from damaging floors, windows, walls, and equipment during an interior paint job. 
  • Daily cleaning: Most interior paint jobs require daily cleaning to keep job sites safe and to prepare them for the following day. 

Final site clean-up is the last step in every commercial interior painting project. This step ensures your building returns to normal after the completion of the project. Final site clean-up procedures include:

  • Wet items like brushes, buckets, rollers, and paint trays are properly removed
  • Drop cloths, paper, and tape is removed from floors, walls, and windows
  • Windows and floors are checked for paint drips or spills that may have been missed
  • Final punch-list inspection completed by painter

Scheduling and communication are crucial to avoiding these issues. City Wide can help you manage your interior painting project by identifying peak operation periods and ensuring proper communication between you and the painter.

What City Wide looks for in a commercial painter

Not only will City Wide manage your interior painting project, we will also identify the best commercial painter for your job to help minimize problems and to complete your project as efficiently as possible. Here are the qualities we look for in commercial painters before we consider scheduling them for your interior painting project:

Safety – Interior painting is a difficult job that requires strict safety measures to prevent accidents and damage to your building. We utilize commercial painters with good safety records. 

Reputation is another important quality we look for in a commercial painter. A commercial painter needs to have a solid reputation online and from former clients. 

Sufficient staffing is critical to getting your interior paint job completed on time. We demand every commercial painter we schedule has enough staff to keep your project on schedule so it limits the disruption of your daily operations. 

Good communication is key to successful interior painting project. When problems occur, City Wide is your single point of contact between you and your painter who will get issues resolved and your project back on track. 

In addition to interior painting, City Wide can assist with exterior painting, landscaping, parking lot maintenance, and more than 20 other facility services. Contact the City Wide office nearest you today to schedule a consultation.