City Wide Facility Solutions is the leader in laboratory and clean room cleaning, experienced in effectively implementing and maintaining ISO 14644 and BSL-1/BSL-2 standard protocols in your critical environments. Our highly knowledgeable crews utilize the most advanced technology and processes for strict contamination control.

Let our experts optimize your lab and clean room productivity:

  • Experienced in ISO 5 (Class 100) to ISO 8 (Class 100,000), ISO 9 “Room Air” and general labs
  • Dedicated, certified clean room equipment
  • Specialists in clean room procedures, chemicals, and PPE regulations
  • Gown Room cleaning/restocking and sticky mat replacement
  • ESD floor care
  • Quality Assurance and Monitoring Data
  • Periodic frequency of cleaning options available, nightly to annually
  • H2O2 fogging
  • SOP Development and Implementation
  • Biological spill response, accidental exposure, lab etiquette, and universal precautions
  • Process and Safety Procedures – logs and training manuals