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City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on July 13, 2020
webinar event

We hosted a live webinar event on Thursday, July 9, where Ken Miner (franchise owner) and Rob Zelch (Operations Personnel) at City Wide Maintenance of St. Louis sat down with Russ Rogers (Business Performance Coach at the Home Office) to have an open conversation about the lessons we’ve learned so far during the pandemic, what businesses can do to try and avoid another shut-down, and what the future looks like going forward regarding cleaning and disinfectant protocols for businesses.


  • What did the St. Louis office look like before the pandemic?
  • What does the St. Louis office look like today because of the pandemic?
  • How have we handled clients’ needs who were deemed essential or non-essential?
  • How have we helped give clients peace of mind during the pandemic?
  • What does a Facility Response Plan look like for clients?
  • How long will the Facility Response Plan last?
  • What are the ways employee interactions have changed during the pandemic?
  • How have team members reacted to the new working guidelines?
  • Did clients have a reaction to City Wide’s change in working conditions?
  • What are common concerns heard from clients who are trying to reopen?
  • What changes have we made in the event there is a second wave?