What steps can you take to simplify facility maintenance?

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on July 16, 2021

Facility maintenance can come off as a complex endeavor. But, when you look at the big picture, the primary goal for identifying solutions for your building is always the same: to have a safe, comfortable, and clean environment for your employees and customers. Getting outside perspective, planning a year in advance, streamlining services, looking at the bigger picture, and having companies manage your facility maintenance will all contribute to the simplification of finding the right solutions for your building.

 Get an Outside Perspective

Instead of wondering what the key problems in your building could be, perhaps look at facilities maintenance from the perspective of others. Ask yourself, “If I was a customer or employee, does this building offer everything I need to accomplish my goals?” You might ask your customers about their opinion of your facility. Inquire if they perceive your facility to be clean; if they feel safe and comfortable; are they assured your establishment is equipped for their needs?

You could then sort any complaints or shortcomings into a Venn diagram, for example, placing the most commonly requested items on the left and the most time-sensitive items on the right. Then, prioritize as follows: the center of the Venn diagram (both time-sensitive and frequent), then proceed with the most time-sensitive tasks, and finally the most commonly requested tasks.

Of course, your customers will only be able to tell you what is most apparent to them. Then, how do you attempt to solve any facility issues that are brought to your attention? When you aren’t sure where to turn, turn to City Wide Facility Solutions! Our facility solutions managers are capable of helping you manage almost any issue in your facility. And they make it easy by being your one-point of contact and managing the issue from inception to resolution.

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Plan Ahead

Planning an entire year’s worth of solutions for your building a great way to simplify your facility’s maintenance solutions. Getting every task together in a cohesive schedule, booking services in advance, and having routine solutions and check-ups are just a few of the benefits of having an annual maintenance program. Perhaps you don’t have the time to put together a yearly maintenance schedule, or you don’t even know what should be included. Again, don’t worry – we can help with that, too! Let City Wide simplify your workload by contacting us to create and manage an annual maintenance program for your business.

Streamline More

Streamlining adds efficiencies by incorporating faster or simpler methods. Do you need help identifying ways to streamline and prioritize the maintenance services in your facility? Perhaps there are some minor tasks that aren’t as critical as others, but still, need to be addressed. Junk removal for your storage room should not take precedence over something major like mold remediation; nor should window washing taking precedence over facility disinfection. By prioritizing your workload to focus on what’s important first, you can tackle your maintenance to-do list in a logical manner. But with City Wide and our vast network of resources, we can streamline services for you, to address more tasks in less time.

Look at the Bigger Picture

It’s easy to get lost in the details of individual tasks and therefore lose sight of the bigger picture – which, for many of City Wide’s clients, is the safety and cleanliness of their facility. Have you ever found yourself caught up in minor tasks or obsessing over small details, then realized you were neglecting to address aspects in need of more attention? It happens to the best of us, but there’s an easy way to keep it from regularly derailing your projects.

One way to simplify the issue is to have a company with a solid understanding of a variety of facility needs handle whatever solution your facility may require. City Wide Facility Solutions is a prime example of a company that simplifies all your facility needs. Let us simplify your life by planning and managing your building’s maintenance schedule!

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