Why is Summertime The Best Time to Hire Commercial Snow Removal?

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 23, 2021

For those of us in the northern hemisphere it is currently summer! So why in the world would anyone in their right mind be worried about booking snow services right now? We’ll tell you why – much like the launch of a new iPhone or the grocery store before Super Bowl Sunday, everyone is going to be queuing up at the last minute. If you wait to hire snow services until it starts to get cold again you could have trouble finding someone to service your facility, or you may pay a premium – or both.

Spots will fill up quickly!

Finding snow services – such as pre-treating, de-icing, and plowing – is like making sure the AC is working in June. We immediately shift gears toward finding what services fit our needs depending on the season we are in. However, much like HVAC services, companies that provide snow services don’t only operate in the winter; they have other services they can perform during other seasons. Most people don’t realize you can schedule your snow services significantly in advance and tend to only think about such services when it’s cold and there’s snow in the forecast. This year, get your facility booked early to avoid delays or higher costs. If you see on the weather channel that a heavy snowstorm is making it to your area, do you think you’ll be the only person who will be frantically looking for a snow removal service? Of course not. And even if you do find a company at the last minute, the chances of them being highly referred or within your budget become more unlikely.

Check out the snow services we can manage for you!

By booking in advance, you also have time to carve out a plan with your snow services specialist. You’ll have the luxury of time allowing for analysis, planning, and deciding on execution methods for removal. Would you rather go outside with a specialist when it’s sunny and warm to show them areas of concern with as much time as you need? Or would you want to brave the extreme cold and only show them areas of concern until both of you can no longer tolerate the cold?

You need to find the right company for your facility!

Depending on how quickly your parking lot and sidewalk need to be cleared, you are going to have to hire a company that is equipped for the job. The size of your space will determine if you need to find a commercial service that can get the job done with just shovels, or if you will need a company with industrial snow plows to go over the lot. Unfortunately, finding a company that is somewhere in the middle is very difficult during the winter. But what if you didn’t have to worry about finding a vendor for these services at all?

You don’t have to worry about finding a vendor to execute snow services at all when you use a management company like City Wide Facility Solutions! No matter the season, no matter the job, no matter the budget, City Wide will find the solution that is right for your facility. What could be a hassle for you is routine for us. Let us handle your facility challenges by taking on the role of both an advisor and manager of the crew who will be servicing your building.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact your local City Wide office to get your snow-related services booked now!