Preparing Your Facility for the Holidays and Year End

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on October 25, 2022

It seems like pumpkins and costumes hit retail shelves earlier and earlier each year, beckoning the beginning of the holiday season. As you prepare your commercial facility for the holidays and end of year, it can be a good time to consider a number of different services. 

City Wide Facility Solutions can schedule and manage all the services your commercial facility needs this holiday season, from event services to preventative maintenance. The end of the year is a great time to schedule deep cleanings, health and safety inspections, and other services. It is also a great time to allocate unused budget to services, which will make your facility more efficient in the coming year. Read more to learn about what you need to do to prepare your facility for the holidays and end of year…

The holidays mean less, or more, people in the building

Building owners and facility managers should look at their building’s holiday schedule and take advantage of down times. When many of your employees are scheduled to be out of the office, this is a good time to schedule important services which are easier to complete when the building is empty. Services such as:

  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Detail cleaning
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Parking lot services
  • Window washing

Service providers will have an easier time completing these jobs when there are fewer people in your commercial facility. 

The start of the holiday season is also a good time to prepare for an influx of people in your facility as well. As you plan your holiday parties and events, let your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) from City Wide schedule all the event services you need, from tent rentals, staffing, and event cleaning. 

Office health and safety

Is your facility ready for cold and flu season? Before the holidays and end of year is a good time to take a look at your workplace wellness program to see where you can make improvements. Your dedicated City Wide FSM can help you schedule health screenings and flu shot clinics to prevent illness from disrupting your production. They can also schedule increased cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting for your facility during the worst flu months. 

Illnesses are not the only determining factor of office health and safety. Air quality, fire protection, entrances and exits, and even services such as snow removal all play a part in office health and safety. Your FSM can schedule HVAC maintenance, duct checks, fire inspections, and general safety inspections to ensure your facility meets all requirements and is prepared when employees return from the holidays. 

Allocate unused budget 

If your department or facility has unused dollars you need to spend before the end of year, speak to your FSM about scheduling services which will improve your facility for the coming year. City Wide can schedule preventative maintenance a year in advance to help you save money, allocate unused budget, and take the pressure off of facility managers. 

Leave finding the right people, the yearly planning, and the scheduling to City Wide. By letting us handle the planning for what your facility needs, you can save the time you would spend finding the right people for the job and save money by finding the right people for your budget. And you can allocate unused budget to services your facility needs so you do not lose this funding in the next fiscal year. 

Whether it is annual parking lot cleaning, bi-annual window washing, quarterly carpet cleaning, or weekly disinfecting services, City Wide can schedule your entire next year with ease. 

City Wide can also assist with your janitorial and commercial cleaning needs, as well as more than 20 additional facility services we manage, all with one point of contact. Find a location near you!