Lighting Issues Should Be Addressed Promptly

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on June 16, 2022

The average commercial building contains multiple lighting styles and varieties. This can make it difficult for building owners and managers to keep track of their commercial lighting service needs. Lighting issues can become neglected and your commercial lighting products can become outdated if you aren’t careful.  

Your Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) at City Wide Facility Solutions can help you create a maintenance plan to cover all your commercial lighting needs, including scheduling and stocking supplies for all of the lighting types in your building – both interior and exterior. Your FSM can also manage the process of modernizing your commercial lighting products, which will increase energy efficiency and decrease energy costs in your facility. 

Common issues in commercial lighting systems

Many commercial lighting issues are the result of improper installations or low-quality products. To avoid these issues, you should only hire vetted and experienced commercial lighting technicians to handle your facility’s needs. Here are some common issues in commercial lighting systems:  

  • Loose wire connections – Loose wires, usually between the bulb and the circuit, can cause flickering because the lighting isn’t receiving a steady stream of power. 
  • Poorly fitted bulbs – When loose bulbs aren’t installed correctly or have dirt or debris blocking the connection points, it can cause uneven power issues. 
  • Low-quality bulbs or fixtures – Not every bulb or fixture is created equal. Poor-quality products will typically have a shorter life span, require more maintenance, and use more energy. These products might have a lower price tag up front, but they will cause issues and cost more money in the long run. 
  • Electrical problems – Electrical problems can cause commercial lighting issues. These include circuit breaker problems, electricity surges or dips, disorganized panels, and overcrowding. 

Commercial lighting system solutions

Commercial lighting requires expert installation, maintenance, and industry knowledge to be effective. Bad lighting is a bigger problem than you think because not only does it affect how your building looks, it can also damage the productivity and well-being of your employees.

The best way to solve most commercial lighting issues is with a maintenance program. This program will be designed by your City Wide FSM to address all your commercial lighting needs, and will include:

Proper lighting

Our experts can help find the perfect lighting for your facility to increase productivity and ambiance, and decrease energy costs and consumption. Replacing or upgrading your existing fixtures to LED technology will help to lower your carbon footprint and improve the energy efficiency of your building. 


Lighting issues need to be recognized and addressed as soon as they happen. Burned out bulbs or flickering lights will damage the impression of your building and add to your operating costs. Regular commercial lighting maintenance will help to prevent lighting issues from occurring and will keep your facility looking its best all year long. 

Upgrade and modernize

Commercial lighting can quickly become outdated if you aren’t well-informed of the latest innovations. We partner with experienced and knowledgeable companies to stay up-to-date on the latest technological advances and smart energy solutions which will help any commercial building modernize and become more energy efficient. 

City Wide’s top priority is our clients. You have enough on your plate running your business to worry about lighting issues. If you need an experienced partner to schedule services in your facility like lighting, cleaning services, or any of the additional 20 facility services we manage, find the City Wide office nearest you and contact us today.