Cleaning Motivation Videos: Could They also Motivate You to Improve Your Facility?

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Published on February 8, 2021


Why Are “Cleaning Motivation” Videos So Popular Now?

The use of internet video tutorials is extremely common to accomplish myriad tasks, whether it is on “how to do your own oil change,” “how to potty train your dog,” or any other task we are novices towards. Some people actively seek videos for motivation to improve their lifestyle as well. Videos such as “how to lose weight” or “how to be more confident” are examples of the types of videos people search to motivate themselves. There is a genre on YouTube that seems to blend both of these formats into what is being referred to as “Cleaning Motivation” videos. These videos feature a host/hostess who look for household tasks that need to be completed, then record themselves giving various tips on products and procedures, accompanied by sped-up footage of the cleaning. The host adds some exposition into their lives to break up the monotony of the cleaning footage, along with their opinions on the household products they are using.

As to why these videos are gaining so much traction, perhaps it has to do with so many of us being stuck at home in quarantine, looking for ways to improve our living conditions and well-being. To some people, this is the type of inspiration they need to clean their house. Cleaning Motivation videos strike the perfect balance between physical and mental improvement, which can be attractive to someone who is unhappy with their current living conditions. Also, people use these videos to gain insight as to what cleaning products and strategies can be effective for them. Perhaps it is this information that can tie into benefitting residential and commercial settings.

These Videos Can Leave an Impact on Your Staff

What benefit these videos could have is not just on your janitorial staff, but also your staff in general. Surely there are some individuals at your facility who don’t do general housekeeping in their office or at their desk. Perhaps the introduction of these types of videos could motivate these individuals to take better care of their work environment. These videos always tend to have an upbeat and charismatic host who sets the cleaning time-lapse video to catchy and positive pop or electronic music that you can listen to while you clean. On top of a more organized and clean work environment, you will notice an increase in productivity from such individuals.

Can Cleaning Motivation Videos Help in Commercial Settings?

To the extent of simple janitorial tasks, yes! While a large portion of these videos are dedicated to household exclusive tasks, some of them can be re-purposed for facility-related tasks. Breakrooms and kitchens, for example, could translate from kitchen-based tutorials in these videos; so could bathroom-based tutorials, de-cluttering, hardwood floor care, and many others. Sometimes, the host will talk about different (and even cost-effective) cleaning strategies for different tasks. For example, some will go into detail as to what common household product would be a great alternative to more expensive cleaning products (such as using vinegar to get rid of grease).  Additionally, a lot of these videos give insight into the products that are used. They give short, rapid-fire type reviews of the latest, most cost-effective, or under-appreciated cleaning products available. They offer insight into popular and widespread products and talk about whether they justify their price or have drawbacks such as containing harmful chemicals. You can use this information to gain insight as to what products and strategies would work well for your facility. While this is great from a residential perspective, it may not be the best choice for your commercial facility. That’s where City Wide can help.

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You Will Still Need Janitorial Solutions

While these videos can translate well to basic indoor janitorial tasks, large-scale indoor or outdoor tasks will not. For example, the disinfection aspect of these videos do not touch on commercial disinfecting practices such as electrostatic disinfection. You will still need a fully trained crew to handle every need your facility has. Some facilities would be better off leaving all tasks to the professionals, as there are many tasks that cannot be accomplished by an untrained individual. Proper disinfection practices is better left to industry professionals who can be accountable and thorough with their disinfection. If you are in search of such professionals, you can check out the janitorial services and disinfecting services City Wide manages.

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