Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Landscaping?

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Published on January 27, 2021
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How Much of An Impact Can Landscaping Leave?

Much like being well dressed and having proper hygiene, how you appeal to other people’s five senses will speak volumes about who you are. The same can be said for your facility. Believe it or not, a drab and lifeless work environment can make clients and staff feel demoralized and hopeless. The Journal of Experimental Psychology states. “investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.”  It is worth it to invest in having greenery and a pop of natural color to make your facility feel more welcoming. How often during the warmer months do you find yourself taking a stroll either through a trail, a park, the nearby woods, or even just in your backyard/garden? It is in our nature to gravitate towards. well, nature.

 What is my Current Landscaping Missing?

There is more to it than just having well-kept grass and a few bushes here and there. The decorations you use to give your facility a natural feel should include effigies, or representations of the elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.

  • Earth: This should encompass things we are very familiar with in landscaping. The usage of various types of grass is essential. However, if your facility is in a more urban or industrial environment, the usage of decorative pots and having plots for vegetation would be a good remedy. Proper stonework is something any facility can benefit from if done correctly. This can take the form of stone walkways or decorative stone arranged in symmetrical or tessellated patterns; also the usage of various sized gravel can add a rustic and pseudo mountainous aesthetic to your decorations.
  • Wind: While you wouldn’t want to put something that generates airflow outside unless it’s within a covered shelter, you could use something that can catch the wind and show what direction it blows in. This can take the form of wind chimes or decorative windmills, however, you should ensure whatever decorations you use go with the aesthetic of the building and surrounding environment (e.g. you wouldn’t want a farmer’s windmill if your location is in a metropolitan area). You could also use large leaf vegetation that’s movements become exaggerated when the wind blows.
  • Water: The usage of water fountains and waterfalls can add to the appeal of your facility, especially in the hotter months. The materials used to create them is important to consider. Natural and natural-looking materials such as stone and wood should be considered over man-made materials like plastic and metals. The inclusion of small ponds is also an option, however, upkeep and proper care can be quite laborious.
  • Fire: While the inclusion of literal fire should only be dedicated to something like an outdoor fireplace or cooking area, we are looking at fire from a metaphorical sense. Fire provides light, and lighting is essential for conveying a feeling of safety and allows you to highlight your building’s best features at night. If there is a part of your facility that you are proud of, illuminate it. Make sure when you do use lighting, the light source does not detract from what it is meant to illuminate.

How to Make Sure Your Landscaping Withstands the Test of Time

The main reason companies forgo having an extensive amount of landscape work done is it can become overbearing and time-consuming. On top of that, not all landscaping companies are capable of performing all the various tasks you need to be done. However, there is an option where you can consolidate all of your landscaping tasks down to just one point of contact. With City Wide, you won’t have to contact several different companies; rather it can all be consolidated down to just one point of contact. Not only that, but this makes scheduling for regular upkeep much more manageable. You can schedule essential tasks months in advance and make sure your landscaping is in excellent shape year-round.

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