3 Must-Haves for Clarifying Building Care

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on August 9, 2021

Clarity is a necessity for facility solutions and general building maintenance. Here are the three things needed to make sure your intentions are made clear for your building.

 Excellent Communication

The method you use to communicate the thing you want and what you need is as important as the thing itself. The right method for conveying the right message can be the difference between the project being completed properly or botched. You need to know if the person you are communicating with is a visual person, a hands-on person, or someone who is just needs to hear or read the information. There are a variety of methods for getting your point across, especially when it comes to topics such as facility maintenance.

For someone who is more of a visual learner, the use of imagery and graphics can help get your point across. Take this scenario, for example: A client doesn’t understand the ins and outs of hard floor care, but they have envisioned a specific polished finish for the flooring. Shiny and glossy, but not highly reflective. You can find images of floors that showcase various polished finishes, so they can choose from real-life examples what they have in mind, so there are no surprises. If you need to explain parts of the process verbally to someone who isn’t familiar with the process, refrain from using technical lingo and use laymen’s terms instead.


Have an “open kitchen,” so to speak. Many people like the chance to see their food being prepared and know how much longer until they get their food. The same can be applied to work being done to someone’s building. You have every right to know what processes will be used to execute the work, when it will happen, how long it will take, and how (if at all) it will impact the occupants of your building. But, if you’ve ever managed such a project for your facility, you know it can sometimes be difficult to reach the vendor, much less get specific details. When you use City Wide as your facility solutions management company, detailed scopes, routine updates, and transparency are part of the deal.

You will have a Facility Solutions Manager who will be your one point of contact and will meet with you as frequently as you need to discuss the status of all projects. The Facility Solution manager can even show you in person what the status of a project is while explaining the reasoning behind what methods are being used. If something goes wrong during the project, we won’t sweep something under the rug or blame someone else. We will take full responsibility for anything that goes wrong and will do everything in our ability to rectify it.

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Streamlined Processes   

Experience and efficiencies go a long way in facility maintenance. Because we’ve managed so many facets of building maintenance – from floors to roofs, interior to exterior – for decades, we are solid with our processes and resources. When there isn’t a project plan, it’s easy for things to become messy and unclear, or for items to slip through the cracks. Since we do this every day, it’s routine for us, so we can make it simple and clear for you – giving you one less thing to worry about. Let us bring clarity to your facility solutions!

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