3 Reasons to Sealcoat your Parking Lot

The ground beneath your feet is cracked and weathered. Your every step feels unstable, as if you might fall into the depths of this decomposing grey landscape. No, this isn’t an icy tundra or a barren desert. It’s your parking lot.

Old asphalt that becomes broken and faded may not actually be this bad, but if you are the one trying to keep it maintained it can certainly cause headaches and undue stress. One part of parking lot repair and maintenance that most people overlook is something called sealcoating.

Sealcoating is a process that applies a strong barrier coat on top of an existing asphalt surface for three main purposes:

  1. Protect from weathering effects
  2. Increase surface friction for grip
  3. Improve overall appearance

Most parking lots don’t need to be completely resurfaced to get a much-needed overhaul. Sealcoating your existing parking lot is a much more efficient option, and damaged areas like holes and cracks can be repaired separately and then sealed with this process.

Sealcoating aids aging parking lots that often become too smooth for tires to grip, especially in wet conditions. The emulsion that is applied will also keep the elements from damaging the asphalt while making the parking lot look and feel brand new. Lines are painted after the sealcoat dries, and new life is brought to an otherwise bland exterior environment as a faded grey pavement becomes fresh blacktop.

Sealcoating is just one of the many exterior maintenance services we manage, and having options with these services can make a big difference in the resulting value of your investment. Contact City Wide today for any parking lot service your property may require.