Commercial Exterior Painting

A professional exterior painting project for a commercial property is a big undertaking, and
requires only the top professionals in the industry. It’s a precarious task that demands focus and a
touch of creativity. It’s more than simply a cosmetic approach. Revamping a building should
never be a DIY project.

Barrier Against Nature

The purpose of an exterior paint job isn’t just for aesthetic enhancement. The right coating
applied to an external surface provides an impervious barrier to weathering and deterioration.
Local environmental conditions can cause extensive wear-and-tear of a commercial property.
Hiring a professional management company to oversee a top team of painters
will ensure your building is protected year-round.

Failing to properly safeguard surfaces by utilizing the wrong materials can not only affect
the overall look, but the durability of the paint job too. Effectively protecting your building
components means selecting the right company to use the proper techniques and materials.

Complexity of Scale

Painting a commercial building is no easy task. These projects often involve complexities of
scale that require a lot of time and effort. Taking anything away from daily operations can make
your business suffer. City Wide will manage a team that has all the manpower and necessary
tools to get the job done quickly and proficiently. Tackling a task of this magnitude with the right
professionals means you get an excellent job done in just days.

Safety Procedures

Painting the exterior of a building is more challenging than the interior. The two surfaces have
very different needs. There are certain precautions and regulations in place to not only protect
your safety, but the surrounding community as well.

Exterior painting involves the handling and application of paint that is mixed with flammable
and toxic materials. This can involve grinding, sanding, or blasting operations that use powerful
tools with compressed air. Workers are typically on-task at extreme heights and must be aware of
numerous hazards at all times. City Wide will schedule and manage experienced professional
painters who are aware of the occupational health and safety procedures required for the job.

We take pride in managing top-notch talent to ensure the job is done in a safe and timely manner.
Experienced painters can identify the scale of the project and the resources needed to effectively
complete the task. We’ll then schedule a customized team to make the magic happen.


The painting process is one that should be planned. That means that scheduling is crucial to
producing quality results. If you reside in an area that is prone to inclement weather, preparation
is especially important. Painting is useless in a snowstorm.

City Wide can help you manage the project by identifying peak operation periods and planning
accordingly. We will schedule the project around your business workflow when there are
minimal occupants in the building so there is little-to-no disruption to those visiting your

Let your commercial building make a statement with a fresh coat of paint that invites a new
wave of visitors. Through us, your exterior paint job promises quality, safety, and efficiency.
You can trust we engage the right paint professionals with the latest tools to get the job done
quick and precise, every time.