The Secret Reasons Facilities Use Trees For Landscaping

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Unless you live in a big city, you’ve probably noticed many facilities go to great lengths with their exterior efforts—such as landscaping trees. We may think it’s only for aesthetic appeal. After all, who doesn’t like the splash of color it adds to a facility?

But there are more surprising reasons facility owners choose to delegate budget dollars for this service.

For example, did you know landscaping trees and plants makes cities more sustainable? More and more cities are developing and growing across the United States, which means the natural environment is being replaced with more buildings, factories, and skyscrapers. But when those natural elements are removed from urban areas, the cities aren’t able to absorb chemicals from cars and buildings as easily—ultimately making the city feel warmer than the actual temperature. Landscaping trees and plants has an incredible ability to cool down cities, not only by filtering the air, but also by soaking up the sun’s heat.

You may have noticed some facilities close to highways or loud areas also surround their buildings with lots of trees. Turns out, there’s a reason: the greenery is known for being able to block out a lot of noise. How? Since noise has a tendency to bounce off hard surfaces, when there are more trees, the sound can’t bounce as easily due to the leaves’ soft texture.

Curious what other benefits there are to landscaping trees around your building? Watch the video below.

If you’re looking to add more greenery to your facility’s property, we’d love to talk to you. By acknowledging specific challenges for your landscaping and offering suitable solutions, City Wide helps you make positive changes that will make a big difference. Contact us today.


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