Is Your Landscaping Company Making These Mistakes?

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When was the last time you noticed the landscaping in front of your facility? Have you never noticed it because it’s almost non-existent? Or do you consistently notice it because it’s an eyesore?

While building owners and property managers often have a good idea of what the inside of the building needs to look like—like what kind of furniture should be in there—that’s not always the case when it comes to landscaping the outside of the building.

There are many lawn and landscaping companies out there to help with this need, but some lack the skill and visual eye to make your building look its best. What are the mistakes some lawn and landscaping companies or property managers make? See the list below that we’ve collected.

Displaying too many decorative pieces.

Have you ever noticed a slew of mix-and-matched statues or small art pieces in front of a facility? The truth is, the more random pieces you add to your lawn and landscaping, the more they distract from the overall beauty of nature itself. If you have your heart set on including something on your lawn or hardscape, try to limit it to one piece that makes a statement or adds relevance to the rest of the setting.

Planting and placing greenery in the wrong areas.

One of the benefits of hiring professional and experienced lawn and landscaping companies is trusting their knowledge about where plants need to be placed. Some plants require direct sunlight, while others find it too harsh to survive—especially if you live in certain climates. Other factors – like soil type – also need to be considered.

Mowing the grass too short.

Some believe the shorter you cut the grass, the longer it can go without having to mow it again. But don’t believe the lie! In fact, cutting the grass too short can often lead to future growing issues and bald spots on your lawn.

City Wide has the experience and knowledge to tackle even the biggest landscaping projects. Contact us today to get an estimate on any exterior building maintenance service!


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