Can Professional Janitorial Services Really Save You Time? Here’s The Answer.

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Do you remember the first major decision you ever needed to make? Most likely not, but isn’t it true that being a decision maker doesn’t get easier with age? Each decision that presents itself comes with its own pros, cons, and implications. At the end of the day, you still need to make the call.

But what if your decision these days is about trying to figure out whether it’s time to bring in professional janitorial services? There may be questions and doubts lingering in your mind about whether it’s the best decision—for your office and your budget.

Here’s why hiring professional janitorial services can ultimately save you time—and so much more:

You never have to find a replacement if a janitorial member calls in sick: It’s almost the end of the day, and you just received a voicemail from your in-house cleaning person, saying they won’t be able to make it in tonight to clean your office. What do you do? Finding someone to fill in can be incredibly frustrating. But through a professional maintenance management company like City Wide, you’ll never have to worry about this again. When someone calls in sick, we are always prepared to make sure your facility still gets service.

You can stop meeting with janitorial supply vendors and guessing how much to order each month: It’s not the first time you’ve had janitorial supply vendors stopping in your office to win you as a customer—nor is it the first time your employees have complained about the toilet paper or soap running out in the bathroom. When you partner with City Wide, we take that back-and-forth communication with vendors off your plate. Plus, we’re known for figuring out the correct amount of janitorial supplies your office needs each month so you’re not only stocked, but saving time and money, too.

If another maintenance need arises—outside of the janitorial services scope—you can skip researching someone to help: A major benefit of having City Wide take care of your janitorial services is, it’s not the only thing we do. In fact, if your windows are starting to develop a dirty film on them, or perhaps your parking lot’s pot holes are getting bigger each month, we offer 20+ additional services on top of janitorial. All you have to do is tell your Facility Services Manager, and they’ll manage the work to ensure the job is done at a professional level, to your expectations.

In short, City Wide’s goal is to provide you with the help you’ve always needed but thought you couldn’t afford. Let us take the headache out of finding and managing someone to do the dirty work, and make you look good!


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