3 Myths Building Owners May Believe About Janitorial Services

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If you own a business or manage the maintenance for your building, you’ve likely encountered working with janitorial staff or a company in the past. Whether that experience was positive or negative—or whether you’ve had several experiences with a janitorial team that have all ended up the same—it’s easy to start developing inaccurate ideas in your head about the industry.

So we’ve compiled common myths that often get associated with janitorial services and the industry.

The products your cleaning crew uses aren’t important.

We all like to save money when we can, but cutting corners on janitorial supplies or products may not end well for your bank account—especially when it comes down to having to replace something because of a misuse of product. In fact, if you haven’t read our post about what you should never clean your hardwood floors with, make sure to check it out.

There’s no difference in who cleans your building because it doesn’t require special training.

This is the furthest from the truth! It’s important your crew knows how to clean certain surfaces and what products and equipment are to be used every night. If you hire someone without proper knowledge or training, it can result in all kinds of problems such as health and safety concerns for your employees and guests.

All commercial cleaning companies offer the same services.

If you’ve been looking for another commercial cleaning company to take care of your building, it’s tempting to want to settle for the first one you see at the top of Google—especially if it seems like they all offer the same services anyway. But this is untrue. Some cleaning companies only offer janitorial services, while others like City Wide offers 20+ additional non-janitorial services such as carpet cleaning, window washing, workplace wellness, construction clean-up, and more.

Are you on the lookout for a different commercial cleaning company? When our team comes in to evaluate your building, we make sure the proper products are being used in your building, as well as make sure the crews are trained and their work evaluated by our night managers. And if something goes above and beyond a service we’ve already been providing, you won’t have to waste time looking for another company to help solve your problem. With access to 20+ additional services—on top of janitorial services—we’re known for simplifying maintenance matters that mean the most to building owners, operators, and management companies.

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