Should Entrance Mats Be Placed Inside or Outside Your Facility?

Commercial Floor Mats Entrance Inside Outside

Have you ever noticed some facilities have entrance mats only on the inside or outside, yet some have them in both places? Is there a secret one knows that the other doesn’t about the benefits of placing mats in both spots?

Surprisingly, there are substantial differences between indoor and outdoor commercial entrance mats. Not only is the material different, but the mats have a particular purpose in and around your facility. Let’s take a deeper look at how they can impact your facility.

But First, How Dirty Are the Bottom of Your Shoes?

The bottom of your shoes contain dirt and oil from places like parking lots, parks, or grassy areas. Additionally, those soles are crawling with bacteria, viruses, and germs. In fact, researchers at the University of Arizona found the average shoe sole is covered with 410,000 bacteria. Even more alarming, almost all of that – 90 percent – clings to tile floor or carpet.

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Watch this video to see just how much can accumulate on the bottom of shoes and not only be brought into your home, but also into your facility every day:

Purpose for Commercial Outdoor Entrance Mats

Outdoor commercial mats are often made with a specific type of material that won’t absorb moisture. Their fingertip bristles are often rougher in texture to cause friction on the bottom of your shoes to remove most debris or germs. They also serve a purpose of being slip-resistant and are often capable of holding up longer in all types of weather.

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Purpose for Commercial Indoor Entrance Mats

However, commercial indoor entrance mats have an absorbent quality to them. They are intended to soak up moisture and can help dry the bottom of shoes off – whereas outdoor mats aren’t able to do this. The indoor mat is also an additional defense mechanism that helps remove even more dirt or germs from the bottom of shoes before it is dragged throughout your facility. It’s best if the commercial indoor mat be at least ten feet in length so that people can take two full steps with each foot when they enter your facility.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Mats Combination

Because of winter’s wet and slushy nature, there are extreme benefits to having mats placed both outside and inside your facility at the same time. Outdoor mats do the heavy lifting of scraping off packed snow or mud, while inside mats finish the job by absorbing the moisture.

How Will You Know What’s the Best Decision for Your Facility?

Proper mats not only save you money, but they also help your building’s floors look better than ever. City Wide can get your mats in a variety of materials and styles for every budget and décor. They are even available with your company logo featured. You can create a great first impression for your facility with the help of City Wide.

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