Should Entrance Mats Be Placed Inside or Outside Your Facility?

Commercial Floor Mats Entrance Inside Outside

Have you ever noticed some facilities have entrance mats only on the inside or outside, yet some have them in both places? Is there a secret one knows that the other doesn’t about the benefits of placing mats in both spots? Surprisingly, there are substantial differences between indoor and outdoor commercial entrance mats. Not only […]

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How Science Indicates It Matters to Have Your Logo Printed on Commercial Mats

Commercial Floor Mats Logo

Having your business logo printed on a commercial entrance mat may seem like just an “added expense” to your budget, but scientists may disagree since they have discovered the power behind what your eyes see and what those images tell our brains. According to an article published in ScienceNordic, our eyes take in many elements […]

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How To Remove Salt Stains From Your Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial Floor Mats Salt Stains

There’s so much a business owner must think about before winter: booking snow removal service, frozen pipe prevention, holiday light installation, even getting the HVAC system inspected. But do you have a plan to keep road salt from causing damage to your building’s floor mats and carpets? We’ve all seen the aftermath of what salt […]

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Top Trends You Must Know About Planning an Event

Event Planning Trends Services

Just like everything else in the world, the way we plan for major events – an annual corporate event, a performance, museum opening, a training session – has drastically changed over the years for people who must plan them. Before the 2000s, event planners were responsible for handwritten registration processes. Everything went through snail-mail, which […]

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How Attendees Will Know You Didn’t Hire Professional Cleaners for an Event

Professional Cleaners Event Services

It’s your turn to plan the company’s next big event. Perhaps you already have a vision for it. You know the key speakers you want to hire and maybe you even know the best food to cater for it. But when you find out your budget is smaller than you expected, you may have to […]

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3 Event Planning Stress Factors

Event Planning Stress Factors

If you’ve ever planned an event for a large group of people – an annual convention, street festival, concert, charity event, cocktail reception, and so on – you know just how many details (and how much stress) goes into it. Perhaps you were meticulous in making sure all details were covered. And frankly, it’s unlikely […]

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Is Your Crew Making This Mistake When Cleaning Your Warehouse Floor?

Warehouse building owners face an entirely new challenge than a small commercial building owner my face. Not only are warehouses a larger facility where products, vehicles, machinery, and people are constantly swarming around, but it must be a place where the floors are properly treated. And more importantly, making sure the warehouse is clean so […]

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How to Fix a Gouge in Your Hardwood Floor

Can you recall some of the reasons you chose hardwood floors at your facility? Sure, there was the attraction to it being the type of surface that made it easy to clean if something was spilled or that odors wouldn’t accumulate over time like carpet. Or was it about the durability? Unlike carpet, which needs […]

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3 Reasons the Mop and Bucket Method is a Problem at Your Facility

Many of us grew up watching the janitors at our schools mopping the hallways, cafeteria, and even bathrooms by using a mop and bucket. So, it only makes sense we might assume the best way to clean hard floors is using this method. In fact, the tradition has been around for quite some time. It […]

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You Can Disinfect Surfaces, But Are Germs Still Hiding in Your Facility?

Electrostatic Disinfectant Treatment Disinfect Surfaces Germs

Many of you may believe that you can disinfect surfaces throughout a facility with wipes or a spray, but what about the areas in your facility that you can’t see such as behind the breakroom refrigerator or the underside of a desk? How can you ensure all germs and bacteria are being killed at the […]

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