Why You Should Consider Hiring Day Porters at Your Facility

Day Porters Hiring Reasons

Is there always extra toilet paper on the bathroom floors by noon? Do you run out of paper towels by afternoon? Does the breakroom cleanliness get neglected during the day because no one wants to take responsibility for the spill or mess in the microwave? Does one trash start overflowing before the day is over? […]

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How to Know If Your Janitorial Services Are Using the Best Cleaning Methods

Janitorial Services Cleaning Methods

Sweeping. Vacuuming. Dusting. These are some basics we often think about when it comes to janitorial services, but what many building owners and property managers don’t know is, there are better methods of doing these services. There are a few things to consider when evaluating whether it’s time to hire a professional janitorial company. To […]

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4 Reasons Your Office Desk Should Undergo a Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Office Service Tips

Cleaning your desk has been on your to-do list for several weeks. But inevitably, the task keeps getting pushed to the next day… and the next day. You might even be having a hard time justifying making time to do it. And now that the warmer weather is just around the corner, this isn’t going […]

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What’s Living Inside Your Building’s Air Ducts?

Air Duct Cleaning Service Video

Perhaps you just cleaned your desk yesterday—even your computer and keyboard—but when you got into your office this morning, did you already notice a new layer of dust? It could be a sign it’s time to have an air duct cleaning service done in your commercial building. What’s worse, there are other signs that show […]

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Watch What Happens When a Furnace Filter Wasn’t Changed After Only 5 Months

Air Vent Filters Furnace Video

We all forget to do things at times, especially when it comes to behind-the-scenes maintenance in your building. And the worst part is, usually the damage is already done by the time you remember to do the task many months (or years) later. The truth is, your filters for air vents may need to be […]

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Would You Find Any of These Things in Your Janitor’s Closet?

Janitors Closet Organize Mess

As a property manager or building owner, has it ever crossed your mind to peek inside the janitor’s closet? What you might find could surprise you. In fact, the way your janitor’s closet is kept is a strong reflection of how well your building is getting cleaned. Go ahead and take a look. What do […]

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Background Screenings: How Safe is Your Facility These Days?

Background Screenings Employees Facility Safety

If you turn on the news, it’s not uncommon to hear about a former employee causing trouble at their workplace. In fact, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are roughly two million people annually who experience a type of violence (physical, harassment, intimidation, or other disturbing behavior) at their workplace. Even […]

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The Secret Reasons Facilities Use Trees For Landscaping

Landscaping Trees Lawn Services

Unless you live in a big city, you’ve probably noticed many facilities go to great lengths with their exterior efforts—such as landscaping trees. We may think it’s only for aesthetic appeal. After all, who doesn’t like the splash of color it adds to a facility? But there are more surprising reasons facility owners choose to […]

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Is Your Landscaping Company Making These Mistakes?

Landscaping Companies Ideas Improvement

When was the last time you noticed the landscaping in front of your facility? Have you never noticed it because it’s almost non-existent? Or do you consistently notice it because it’s an eyesore? While building owners and property managers often have a good idea of what the inside of the building needs to look like—like […]

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Why Are Parking Lots Different in Size and Design?

Parking Lots Maintenance Services Size

Have you ever wondered why parking lots are larger than buildings themselves? Who makes the decision to build large parking areas for places like malls, colleges, or even one store? It turns out, there are all kinds of things each type of facility must think about during the property development process. For example, colleges might […]

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