Can Germophobes Avoid Viruses? See What Happens During This Experiment

Cold Flu Season Germophobes

It’s the worst time of the year for germophobes: cold and flu season. Employees spend so many hours together during the week, often passing the same illnesses back and forth to each other for months. And there’s only so much they can do on their end to prevent catching it: washing hands, disinfecting their desks, […]

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Not There! Top 9 Places Office Germs Are Crawling at Your Workplace

Office Germs Keyboard Flu Plan

Get your hand sanitizer ready! There are obvious places we’ve learned germs crawl—bathrooms, door handles, people’s hands. But what about the not-so-obvious areas in your office you’ve never thought twice about? As cold and flu season quickly approaches us, we’re going to help reveal office germs facts, and why it’s crucial to have a cold […]

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Watch How Far Your Sneeze Germs Are Going—Even If You Cover It


It’s a rule we’re sure your parents said when you were sick: cover your mouth and nose! It’s impossible to avoid other people sneezing around you—especially at work during cold and flu season. Some people cover their sneeze germs with their sleeve, but others quickly react and sneeze right into their hands. Others choose to […]

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Do Your Employees’ Spirits Seem Down? Here’s Why Your Office Lighting Could Be the Problem

Several years ago, I worked in an office without any windows near my department. I hadn’t consciously noticed it until a colleague pointed it out. “The office lighting is so harsh in here,” they said. Adding, they’d feel much better if they could at least get some natural light during the day. After that conversation, […]

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Watch This Car Dealership Transform Their Parking Lot with LED Lighting

LED Lighting Parking Lot Transformation

Growing up—before LEDs were affordable for businesses—I remember there being a handful of stores to avoid after dark. Mainly because the parking lots were dimly lit and the crime had been increasing because of it. You’ve likely been in situations like this where you don’t feel totally comfortable walking through a low-lit lot. But on […]

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Does Your Building Need Lighting Maintenance? Take Our Quick Quiz To Find Out!

We all have a tendency to take certain things for granted when owning or managing a building. For example, lights that easily switch on every morning to help us do our jobs. But when there’s a sudden power outage or lighting in one of part of the office is no longer as bright as it […]

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Three Truths About the Snow Season Every Business Owner Should Know

Snow Winter Preparation Business

During the evening news, we’re often waiting for the weather report to come on, especially during the winter. Surely we want to know about tomorrow, but we also want to know what the rest of the week’s forecast will be. But if you’re a business owner or property manager, this forecast means much more to […]

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What’s Changed? An Incredible Look Back at How Snow Removal Used to Be Handled

Snow Removal Services Equipment

Our perception of the first snowfall changes as we get older, doesn’t it? When we’re in school and it snows, we hope snow removal trucks never show up in our neighborhoods—just so we can squeeze in not one, but two snow days. But as we grow older—and for those of us who are responsible for […]

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Being Unprepared for an Early Snow Season Could Backfire on Your Business—Here’s Why

Snow Services Removal Business Plan

Your alarm goes off. Your room seems darker than normal as if it’s a really cloudy morning. You’ve noticed there’s been a slight chill in your bedroom this past month. It’s impossible for winter to show up this early, right? But the moment you open your blinds, you find out you’re wrong. Maybe a few […]

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The Worst Things You Can Do to Carpet Stains

Carpet Cleaning Stains Office

“Did anyone see that?” you wonder. One minute, you were looking for a specific paper on your desk, and the next, you’ve just knocked your hot cup of coffee off your desk, on to the carpet in your office. What do you do? Or have you ever walked into your office on Friday morning, and […]

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