Why Hiring a Day Porter for Your Business is a Must

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on February 28, 2023

Managing a facility is difficult enough without getting sidetracked by daily maintenance and upkeep tasks. This is why hiring a day porter for your business is a must. A day porter will take care of day to day tasks in your facility, allowing facility managers and building owners to focus their attention on more pressing matters. 

Having a clean and presentable commercial facility is paramount to your overall success. It tells clients, tenants, employees, and visitors you care about their health, safety, and comfort. Hiring a day porter will help you keep your facility looking its best while also maintaining the wellbeing of everyone inside. 

Here is why hiring a day porter for your business is a must…

Day porters help you save time

The duties of a day porter will vary from facility to facility because each business has different needs. Your dedicated City Wide Facility Solutions facility service manager (FSM) will know your business inside and out so they can help you manage your day porter services. 

A day porter will take on daily facility maintenance tasks so you don’t have to, saving you time and improving the efficiency of your entire operation. Imagine how much time you will save by not needing to worry about tasks such as: 

  • Maintaining cleanliness and curb appeal
  • Emptying trash bins
  • Restocking restrooms
  • Cleaning high traffic areas
  • Maintaining customer-facing areas
  • Addressing spills and other needs 
  • Keeping parking lots and sidewalks clean

Keep your facility clean and presentable

A reason hiring a day porter for your business is a must is they will keep your facility clean and presentable. Imagine greeting a potential client at the door of your building and seeing an overflowing garbage can by the entrance. Not a good look! 

Day porters will stay on top of cleaning tasks in your facility to ensure it remains clean and presentable throughout the business day. 

A day porter will preserve your company image

One of the major points of contention in a business are restroom facilities. Employees, clients, customers, and visitors are more inclined to form a negative opinion of your facility due to dirty or unstocked restrooms than anywhere else in your building. 

A day porter will help preserve your company image by maintaining high traffic, customer-facing areas such as restrooms, lobbies, entrances, parking lots, and sidewalks. 

Do not wait to read about your restrooms in a negative Google review from an unhappy customer. Hire a day porter to make sure this never happens. 

Improves employee satisfaction and wellbeing

Hiring a day porter will help improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing by showing how dedicated you are to cleanliness. The last few years have all but added additional stress in the in-person work environment. Employees and staff are more worried than ever of contracting an airborne illness or surface-borne disease in the workplace. 

Just the presence of a day porter in your facility has been shown to improve employee satisfaction and wellbeing because it makes them feel safer at work. And, a day porter is not just a figure, they will actually improve office safety by disinfecting and cleaning throughout the day. 

Strengthen your overall operation by hiring a day porter

As we said in the beginning of this article, facility managers have enough on their plate to have to worry about menial day-to-day tasks. Hiring a day porter for your facility is an affordable way to take care of all the tasks listed above and more. 

A major benefit of hiring a day porter is they can complete almost any task your facility requires, and you can customize their duties to meet your needs. 

City Wide can help you hire a day porter! Contact us to learn more about day porter services as well as other services such as pressure washing, parking lot cleaning, snow removal, and over 20 additional facility services.