What are Day Porter Services and Why You Need Them

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on February 28, 2023

A day porter is an additional member of your janitorial team charged with the upkeep of your facility throughout the day. They will perform basic cleaning, stocking, and maintenance tasks to ensure your facility remains clean, your employees stay safe, and your business maintains a solid first impression for visitors. 

Day porter services can vary from facility to facility, and are largely dependent on the types of services businesses need in their day-to-day operations. City Wide Facility Solutions will know your business inside and out to provide the services, such as day porters, which will best serve your needs. 

If you are wondering what are day porter services and why you need them, we will discuss the answer below. 

What are day porter services?

Day porters are people stationed within a facility who perform daily upkeep and cleaning services. While the specific duties of a day porter can vary, they usually involve the cleaning of public areas within a facility, including restrooms. While your janitorial staff will handle deep cleaning on a regular basis, day porter services will maintain the day to day look and cleanliness of your facility. 

What do day porters do?

A day porter’s specific duties will vary from facility to facility because each building is different. A public, front-facing facility might require round-the-clock cleaning and upkeep in its lobbies and bathrooms, for example, while other businesses might benefit more from behind-doors cleaning, handyman services or even restocking paper products within an office.

Typical responsibilities covered by day porter services include:

  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping, polishing, and general floor cleaning
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Inspecting, cleaning, and disinfecting your restrooms
  • Keeping high traffic areas, such as lobbies, reception areas, dining areas, offices, and hallways clean
  • Cleaning appliances
  • Emptying trash cans, replacing trash can liners
  • Changing HVAC filters
  • Cleaning spills and drying wet floors
  • Overall building maintenance

One of the major pluses of adding a day porter to your operation is they can complete almost any task you need them to. They will support your operation on a day to day basis, which will benefit your facility in the long term. But the answer to why you need them will depend on your facility’s use and needs. 

Benefits of adding day porter services to your facility

Before adding day porter services to your operation, you will need to decide the best ways to use them. Your dedicated City Wide facility service manager can help you decide how a day porter will benefit your facility before adding the service. 

Touch points and high traffic areas

One of the top benefits of adding day porter services is how they can manage touch points and high traffic areas. Cleanliness and appearance begin with these two areas because they can accumulate the most germs and dirt on a daily basis. A day porter will address these areas a few times a day, such as after the morning rush, to keep them clean. 


One of the best ways to use a day porter is to have them manage your restrooms. Both customer-facing and employee-only restrooms need to be kept clean and well-stocked by a day porter to ensure public health, employee satisfaction, and good first impressions of your facility. 

Trash and refuse removal

No customer or employee likes to see trash cans overflowing by an entrance or inside your building. A day porter will monitor trash cans and change trash bags throughout the day. They will also be in charge of policing your facility looking for trash and other refuse to clean up. 

If you have any questions about day porter services or any of the additional 20 facility services we manage such as window washing or parking lot service, please contact us and we will be happy to set up a plan for your facility!