Tips for an Organized Supply Closet

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on September 14, 2022

Our clients are busy professionals who know delegation means getting the job done efficiently and right, even with something as simple as supplies. Building owners know half the battle is keeping supplies stocked and the other half is keeping the supply closet organized and clean. 

It is ironic a janitorial supply closet can become dirty, cluttered, and unseemly, but it can. Therefore, you need to hire a team who understands the importance of an organized, well-supplied supply closet to protect your investment and keep your business running smoothly. City Wide Facility Solutions can manage all of your supply needs, plus we can manage your janitorial services so you don’t have to. We only work with certified vendors who know how a supply closet should be organized and maintained. 

Below are a few tips for an organized supply closet. Take a look at the list to make sure your janitorial team is maintaining your supply closet like they should. 

Supply closet organization

Every commercial facility is different and requires different supplies. One of the advantages of partnering with a City Wide Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) is they will inspect your facility to learn your needs so they can serve you better. This includes understanding your supply needs and scheduling a janitorial team who will efficiently and effectively serve your building. 

Although facilities are different, there are some basic organizational tenets which apply to every janitorial supply closet. Here is a simple supply closet checklist:

  • Cleaning solutions
  • Equipment
  • Post of company rules/policies
  • Safety data sheet and/or material safety data sheet
  • Nightly maintenance checklist

Nightly supply closet maintenance checklist

Your janitorial team cannot clean and serve your facility like they should unless your janitorial supply closet is maintained. To protect your cleaning supplies and prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors, here are some items you should have on your nightly supply closet maintenance checklist:

  1. Mop
  • Empty water out of the mop bucket and clean nightly
  • Never leave standing water in buckets
  • Spread mop head on the wringer when finished
  • Do not leave wet mop against the wall on in the bottom of mop bucket
  • Never leave a wet mop against the wall

Note: Be sure to keep all water away from electrical equipment. 

  1. Dust Mop
  • Store the dust mop upside down and away from water
  1. Sink
  • Wash and clean the sink in your janitorial closet nightly

Note:   This is easy to forget because it is a sink, but it is a necessary step in preventing mold and odors from accumulating in your supply closet.

  1. Trash
  • Never leave trash in a supply closet
  • Never leave a trash can empty without a liner in it
  1. Tools
  • All brooms, poles, and other tools should be organized neatly on hooks if possible
  1. Floor
  • Sweep and mop supply closet floor at least once a week, if not nightly
  1. Water
  • Be sure the water is turned off at the faucet when finished using it and especially when you are done for the day

Find the right supplies at the right price

City Wide offers competitive prices on supplies and a manager who will keep your supply closet properly inventoried. Through our network of preferred national vendors, we buy in larger quantities and can offer you better prices on supplies than you can find on your own. 

Your dedicated City Wide FSM will keep track of your supply needs and bring optimization and efficiency to your supply closet. They will also expertly manage your janitorial needs, carpet cleaning, interior painting, as well as over 20 additional facility services. Contact us today.