The Quality Our Managers Bring to Clients

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on January 27, 2022

When you contract with a facility management company, you want to know that the job you pay for is getting done the right way. It can be easy for things to get overlooked, especially in large facilities, which is why City Wide  has dedicated Facility Solution Managers and Night Managers to make sure our quality standards are met. Other building management companies only provide a team of revolving Account Managers which leads to performance issues.

Facility Solution Managers (FSMs) are a unique and valuable representative for City Wide’s clients. The quality FSMs add is they work proactively as an extension of our clients’ management teams. They are always looking out for the wellbeing of our clients’ employees, facilities, and visitors. FSMs are knowledgeable on all the services City Wide provides and are focused on keeping facilities safe and clean.

Night Managers (NMs) ensure the work performed by contracted janitorial crews meet the expectations of City Wide and our clients. Here are some examples of the quality work our NMs look for:  

Thorough dusting and vacuuming

It is important for overall cleanliness and good air quality offices and waiting rooms are thoroughly dusted and vacuumed. This includes dusting each office chair, especially in the nooks and crannies below where a person sits. These areas are often overlooked because they require some effort to clean. NMs check office chairs and also make sure our janitorial team moves office chairs in order to vacuum the carpet underneath them. 

Grim build-up on baseboards and elevator tracks

If you have ever ridden in an office elevator, you have probably noticed the grime that can build-up on the door tracks. It is unfortunate that some cleaning crews fail to address this grime because it is unsightly. 

Baseboards are another area of an office that can indicate an incomplete cleaning job. If dust and grime is allowed to build up in these areas, it means that your janitorial staff did not live up to your cleaning standards. Our NMs check elevator tracks and baseboards in offices regularly to make sure that they are properly cleaned. 

Dirty walls and partitions in restrooms

It is a common belief in business that if you want to check out the quality of a janitorial company, start with the restrooms. Every facility is interested in keeping their bathrooms clean for a variety of reasons; the main one being health and safety, and the other being cosmetic. Toilets and sinks are often addressed by janitorial staff but sometimes they can forget other areas like walls and partitions. 

Some other areas of concern for our NMs include: 

  • Trash receptacles 
  • Sidewalks and parking lots
  • Smudges on doors
  • Window treatments 
  • Ceiling tiles
  • Break room appliances

City Wide’s FSMs and NMs manage facility services so you don’t have to

City Wide believes in managing quality services and solutions for every facility we partner with. Our FSMs and NMs are an extension of our clients’ management teams. That is why we hire and train FSMs and NMs to be proactive and hold janitorial contractors they manage to the high standards City Wide demands. 

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