The Benefits of Adding a Day Porter

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on January 27, 2022

A day porter is someone that is onsite at your facility during business hours to maintain cleanliness in high-traffic areas, touch-points, and to address spills or other emergencies. Adding a day porter will keep your facility clean throughout the day and will help prevent the spread of communicable diseases such as COVID-19.

Day porters keep restrooms and sanitation stations well-stocked, which is an important recommendation from the CDC for keeping your facility disinfected. They will also give your employees peace of mind when they see day porters onsite and actively cleaning worrisome areas. Here are the benefits of adding a day porter to your facility.    

Touch-Points and High-Trafficked Areas

Touch-point cleaning is becoming a key preventative measure in the fight against COVID-19. Day porters are able to clean and disinfect touch-points like door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, railings, and turnstiles throughout the day. 

A good facility management company will create an effective cleaning schedule for day porters that best meets your facility’s needs. They will create a customized plan with your facility manager that will help make the most of a day porter’s services.     

Day porters will also be able to address high-trafficked areas such as carpets and floors. This will help improve indoor air quality and the overall cleanliness of your building. 

City Wide Tip: It can be especially beneficial to hire a day porter during allergy seasons to vacuum carpets near entrances and exits to help control pollen.  

Meeting Rooms and Break Rooms

Now that in-person meetings are back, your building will need to hire a day porter to prepare meeting rooms. The CDC recommends that surfaces be wiped down and sanitized before and after they are used. Day porters can be scheduled to prep meeting rooms to help prevent the spread of illness during business hours.  

Day porters disinfect tables, chairs and any equipment that might be used like projectors or tablets. They can also arrange seats so that they are a safe distance apart to encourage social distancing. Safety is a key part of business-as-usual these days and day porters will help keep everyone safe in the office.  


Restrooms are the most important place in an office to have someone on hand like a day porter. They keep restrooms clean and well-stocked so employees can wash their hands and prevent the spread of disease. Day porters will also be able to address any emergencies or issues that require immediate cleaning or attention.

In addition to preventing the spread of diseases like COVID-19, having clean restrooms in your facility is crucial to your reputation. Clean restrooms are a signal to customers and employees that you take their wellbeing seriously. They also represent your willingness to invest in services that make your facility safe. 

Day Porters Provide Constant Cleanliness

If someone in your office or building tests positive for COVID-19, a day porter can act immediately to prevent further infections. They will follow procedures recommended by the CDC to quarantine the area and begin the disinfection process. Day porters will help keep your facility open and operational while this pandemic continues to be a problem for us all.

Hiring a day porter will provide a level of cleanliness that your employees and customers will demand in order to return to work and in-person business. They are the proactive solution to this ongoing crisis that you should consider for your facility. 

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