Supply-Chain issues could impact acquisition of essential janitorial supplies 

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on November 9, 2021

We are seeing a repeat in behavior with the widespread panic buying of toilet paper and paper towels once again. Thanks to growing concern about supply acquisition, Procter & Gamble (the parent company behind brands such as Tide and Bounty) has stated they will be “ramping up production as demand soars”. As consumers are starting to stockpile essential cleaning supplies, this could impact the acquisition of these products for companies in the future. While this may not be as severe as the early days of the pandemic, price hikes on cleaning supplies are likely.

Having a company like City Wide monitor and acquire essential supplies would be highly beneficial during this second wave of stockpiling. With the janitorial supply service we provide, you will not have to worry about not being able to acquire the supplies you need to keep your facility clean.

Woman holding janitorial supplies

Supply chain issues may hinder how you acquire janitorial supplies

Many products such as electronics, appliances, and plastic goods manufactured overseas will see a spike in shipping costs to retailers. Among these will likely be products offered by well-known retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot. Could this impact the cost of essential cleaning supplies and cleaning tools? It is likely, and this could very well impact prices when it comes to holiday shopping this year. So what’s causing this sudden shift in supply acquisition? Economists hypothesize it is a culmination of post-pandemic demand for products and COVID-19 related restrictions in many manufacturing centers in countries such as Vietnam. With this grows a concern, as prices for products like electronics and engine components are likely to see a price hike both on the retail level as well as third party vendors. 

This also applies to janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies. You can rest assured, City Wide will always be equipped with the right tools and the right supplies for whatever job needs to be taken care of in your facility. No need to worry about tracking down essential cleaning supplies or tools, we have you covered!

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You should consider a janitorial supply service during supply-chain issues 

 What’s worse than finding out you are completely out of toilet paper and paper towels. Running out of those things during supply shortages. You will find it extremely difficult to stay on top of the ideal inventory parameters set to get by. Having a supply management service in place to keep an eye on your inventory would be the ideal decision to stay on top of your inventory requirements. With one, you won’t have to worry about handling inventory, procuring supplies, or having to pay more than what is necessary for the products you need.  

City Wide can offer this service to you, and only require you to have a cadence with one point of contact. You will be assigned a Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) who will monitor and acquire the supplies you need. Having an FSM manage your inventory is a great way to prevent running out of supplies or having an abundance of supplies. They will ensure you will always be stocked on toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. Without having a proper supply service like the one City Wide offers, you will likely be scouring various vendors and overpaying for what you need.

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