Providing High-Quality Maintenance to Fresenius Kidney Care

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on September 20, 2023

Case Study | Fresenius Kidney Care

At Fresenius Kidney Care, patients undergo dialysis treatments up to three times each week- it’s necessary to keep each facility properly cleaned for each patient’s experience. According to Steve Dennis, the Director of National Strategic Accounts at City Wide, “Fresenius Kidney Care offers life-saving dialysis procedures to millions of people across America, even in the most remote sectors.” Whether regarding sterilizing rooms, cleaning waiting areas, or implementing floor care programs, it’s important that each Fresenius Kidney Care location is clean and ready to welcome the patients who visit most.

Working in a highly trafficked environment presents special challenges for City Wide’s management crews. The steady client stream leaves the building in need of a daily clean, and to reduce staff visibility, most services must be performed after hours — the Facility Solutions Manager (FSM) must be available late at night and early in the morning for communication. Since Fresenius Kidney Care is a national company, they provide their own standards and programs regarding the cleaning supplies and chemicals used within their facility that City Wide must adhere to. The large market and high level of supervision means City Wide must thoroughly oversee contracts and provide a team dedicated to establishing a positive relationship with the client.

Training the FSMs diligently is a key in allowing City Wide to provide quality facility maintenance services for Fresenius Kidney Care. “City Wide’s experience and resource base educates each Facility Solutions Manager on our internal processes to ensure high-level service management, and they have a deep understanding of proper expectations when managing janitorial services,” says Dennis. With consistent communication between the client and City Wide’s managers, each facility receives the best maintenance services in their area.

City Wide has more than a decade of experience working with Fresenius Kidney Care—when they get the call, they’re ready to manage the proper services. “With over ten years of experience provided to Fresenius, we are able to ensure we are taking the best possible care of the dialysis center.,” Dennis states. “Our staff is well-equipped to handle all of Fresenius’ needs, and our experience with the company puts us in a position to serve them better.”

By allowing City Wide Facility Solutions to manage Fresenius Kidney Care’s facility maintenance needs, the client maintains a sterile and well-prepared facility. City Wide’s experience provided perks such as:

• Efficient, world-class response times to service requests
• A one-stop source for all facility maintenance questions, concerns, and requests
• Quality floor-care plans, handyman jobs, and janitorial services

Fresenius has renewed their contract with City Wide repeatedly, as the relationship established allows for the detailed maintenance of each dialysis center. City Wide cares for each facility they service, hiring only the best contractors available. Their scheduling is flexible, mixing well with the constant flow of patients served by the client.

Why City Wide?
For over sixty years, City Wide has stood out as a leading manager of facility maintenance and janitorial services industry. City Wide brings extensive expertise and experience to the table, earning their strong reputation. They offer a comprehensive range of services, boasting a diverse portfolio of 20+ facility solutions that go beyond commercial cleaning. From janitorial services and maintenance to landscaping and security, City Wide is a one-stop solution for various facility management needs. The convenience of a single point of contact ensures streamlined communication and simplifies the overall facility management process, setting City Wide apart from the rest.

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