Maintenance Considerations for Your Building in 2023

City Wide Facility Solutions
Published on November 21, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close and we approach a new year, it is time to consider planning maintenance services for 2023. Building owners and facility managers (FM) probably have a good idea of the services they want to schedule such as, janitorial, HVAC, deep cleaning, painting, etc. But there are some “out of the box” services you should consider to improve the appearance and environment of your commercial property.

City Wide Facility Solutions is your one point of contact for over 20 facility services we manage, and those include services you may not have considered yet. If you can think of a service you need scheduled for your facility, your dedicated facility solutions manager (FSM) will do their best to provide it. 

Read more to learn about a few unconventional maintenance considerations for your building in 2023… 

Birds, spiders, and other pests

Pest control should go beyond typical applications for commercial properties. City Wide can schedule your regular pest inspections and exterminations, and we can also tackle the unconventional. 

Birds like pigeons and seagulls can make a mess and wreak havoc on your commercial facility. Bird exclusion is a service which helps mitigate bird infestation on your property. As you tour your facility this December looking for potential maintenance solutions, consider bird exclusion if you see droppings, nests, or bird congregations around your building. 

Cobweb removal is another service City Wide can schedule to help improve the appearance of your building. Cobwebs make your building look neglected and will hurt your curb appeal. Customers may take cobwebs as a sign to not do business or rent space in your building. Cobweb removal is a simple service to improve your building’s appearance and curb appeal. 

Holiday decoration installation

City Wide understands how stressful the holidays can be on FMs and building owners. In addition to the normal course of business, you are also in charge of installing holiday decorations and lights. Instead, let your dedicated FSM find the best holiday light vendor in your area and schedule them for your property. Not only will these vendors be able to string lights, install a holiday tree, and prepare your property for the holiday season, they will remove the decorations as well. One simple call to your FSM will prepare your facility for the holidays and spread cheer throughout your building. 

If you are preparing your office for an end-of-year holiday party, let City Wide schedule event services for the event. Your FSM can schedule temporary workers, security, tent and equipment rentals, and event cleanup so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities at your commercial property. 

Smart restroom technology

If your commercial facility’s restrooms need a technology boost in 2023, City Wide is here to help. It has been proven touchless sensored soap and paper towel dispensers help prevent the spread of illnesses and waste in commercial properties. Employees and staff will appreciate the technology upgrade and the access to cleaner, safer public areas.

City Wide can schedule the installation of touchless fixtures and dispensers in your facility next year. Let your FSM know your goals for your commercial restrooms and they will be able to provide solutions. 

As we head into 2023, it is time to take control of your facility and the services you need to keep it running smoothly. It is time to partner with City Wide. In addition to the unconventional services such as bird exclusion and cobweb removal, City Wide can also assist with janitorial, deep cleaning, window washing, as well as over 20 additional facility services. Contact us